White House, Kirby face backlash from military veterans for defense of chaotic Afghan pullout

A retired Marine who executed many civilian rescues from Afghanistan offered a blistering rebuttal to National Security Council spokesman John Kirby and his presentation of the Biden administration’s after-action report, calling the retired admiral’s presentation “a national tragedy.”

Kirby held an at-times confrontational press conference Thursday where he defended the Biden administration’s withdrawal as largely successful and noted the after-action report’s purpose was “not accountability.” . . .

. . .Those comments incensed Chad Robichaux, a veteran of the Afghanistan war and co-founder of the Save Our Allies group that has evacuated Americans and others from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Robichaux characterized Kirby as someone who knew his remarks were not entirely accurate regarding facts on the ground, and said the American people see through the administration’s “lies.”

“It is no shocker when Biden or his clown-show press secretaries lie, but to have a former U.S. Navy admiral do the same is a national tragedy,” Robichaux said.

“As a fellow veteran it makes me sad to see former military leaders turn on our citizens for personal and political gain.”

. . . . Retired Green Beret Scott Mann, whose “Task Force: Pineapple” also executed civilian evacuations within Afghanistan, told Fox News on Friday the reported lack of proverbial ‘lessons learned’ was “egregious.”

“I’ve been talking to veterans and veterans groups all morning about this. And one of the reasons that I think that veterans are so upset about this is like my friend… an Afghanistan combat veteran, says, it’s not about what happened,” Mann said on “The Story.” “[T]he absence of accountability: What worries veterans so much is that we’ve got all of these problems now with violent extremist groups coming up in Afghanistan.”

“We’ve got a massive moral injury on our veteran population — And if you’re not willing to take accountability for your actions as a leader at any level, then there’s a real good chance you’re not going to take any actions to fix what happened.”

On Friday, retired Lt. Col. Danny Davis disagreed with the claims of lack of “chaos,” telling “America Reports” that there is no way to categorize what was happening on the ground in Kabul in August 2021 other than chaos. . . . (read more on Fox News)


From the comments: “Damn him for what he said because that’s what this Administration really believes. I’m a veteran and they betrayed all us vets, as well as those Americans and Afghanis they left behind. In MY military, the one that I knew and loved, we stood up and admitted fault! We would have turned our backs to Kirby. DISGUSTING!”

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