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Pentagon chief of personnel, diversity and inclusion to depart

The Defense Department’s head of personnel and readiness announced his upcoming departure from the Pentagon on Monday, according to a statement from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Gilbert Cisneros, a Navy veteran and former two-term congressman from California, will leave his post in early September.

Cisneros has been in the role since August 2021. No nominee was named to replace him.

During his tenure as the Pentagon’s personnel chief, Cisneros worked on numerous hot-button social issues, including the Pentagon’s newest abortion policy for military personnel, which covers travel costs and time off for troops who travel out of state due to abortion restrictions or bans in the state where they are stationed.

The departure comes as House Republicans inserted various amendments into this year’s National Defense Authorization Act.

A number of them seek to rid the Pentagon of its diversity and inclusion office, along with reviewing department diversity initiatives.

When asked if Cisneros’ departure was in response to House Republican’s efforts, a defense official said that was not the case. They pointed out that Cisneros is the longest serving personnel and readiness under secretary since 2009.

A vocal opponent of former President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender service members while in Congress, Cisneros has defended LGTBQ+ service members and President Joe Biden’s revocation of the ban.

As the chief of the Pentagon’s diversity and inclusion office, Cisneros has also defended those initiatives within the military despite opposition from Republican lawmakers, calling the efforts vital to securing talent for positions in the armed forces.

“It is a diverse talent pool that ultimately contributes to our success on the battlefield and beyond‚” Cisneros told an audience at this year’s Pentagon LGTBQ+ pride event. “Diversity and inclusion are imperative to recruit and retain the best and brightest talent, we must ensure that we reach out to all communities.”

Cisneros’ tenure in the personnel role came during a time when the military has failed to meet its recruiting targets. . . . . (read more on Military Times)

Pentagon Personnel Chief Behind Diversity And Abortion Policies Heading Out (Daily Caller, 1 AUG 23)

Gilbert Cisneros, a Navy veteran and former Democratic California representative, announced Monday plans to retire as the Department of Defense (DOD) head for personnel policy, leaving a legacy of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies.

The Pentagon touted Cisneros‘ record in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Monday, fueling the implementation of new policies developed under his watch to address sexual assault and suicide.

Cisneros also presided over numerous social policies that became the subject of conservative ire, such as the DOD pandemic response, ensuring acceptance of the once-mandated COVID-19 vaccine and policies making it easier for female servicemembers to access contraceptives and abortion. . . . (read more)



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