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What an Army Colonel Biden Wants to Promote Had to Say About Elizabeth Warren, Confederate Statues, NFL Kneelers

Kareem P. Montague has been opinionated on Facebook since 2011, taking jabs at Republican political operative Karl Rove, posting messages about Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s first Senate campaign in Massachusetts, defending the pro football players who take a knee, and denouncing “white privilege.”

Now an Army colonel, Montague—a veteran of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan—has been awaiting confirmation to be promoted to brigadier general since March. The promotion has been stalled along with those of about 200 others.

In February, the Defense Department adopted a policy of allowing three weeks of taxpayer-funded paid leave and reimbursement of travel expenses for enlisted women to get an abortion. Initially, Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., sought to halt the military promotions to force the Pentagon to yield on the abortion policy.

The holds have caused more information to emerge about the would-be recipients of the promotions.

Tuberville retweeted a thread by the American Accountability Foundation, a watchdog group, about Montague’s various politicized comments and social media posts.

“The Senate needs to do our job and take a closer look at many of these nominees. These jobs are too important not to,” Tuberville posted on X, formerly known as Twitter.

In September 2017, Montague had a near 1,000-word, 10-point Facebook post defending players in the NFL who kneel rather than stand for the national anthem.

“The flag and the anthem—do you remember why Moses and his people spent 40 years in the desert? Mostly, it was because they were foolish (and impatient) and they forgot that symbols are not the real thing. Worshiping a golden calf was an insult to God,” he wrote.

He later added in the post: “Protests – news flash for the ‘stop politicizing my sports’ crowd, protests are supposed to be messy. That’s the point, sometimes you have to shut down a city bus line to point out the obvious. We’d love to have a nuanced debate on CSPAN, but most of you who are blissfully ignorant of a particular issue would miss it. You’re too busy watching football.”

In point eight, he talked about so-called white privilege. . . . . (read more on The Daily Signal)


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