Biden’s Military Purge

On FIREBRAND: Rep. Matt Gaetz interviews 3 active duty service members standing up against Biden’s military vax mandate to discuss how the mandates have negatively impacted morale, encouraged retaliation against others in service, and purged great Americans from service.

Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) alleges that the military is using the vaccine mandate to purge the military of those with independent thought and the religious faithful.

He interviews three active duty service members that are caught up in the in the debacle. They tell their stories about how the mandates have affected their ability to serve and what they now think about military service.

After the introduction, there is an initial discussion about illegal entry across the southern border with the Secretary of Homeland Security.

The interview with the two active duty Airmen and an Army doctor who was suspended from medical duties for granting medical exemptions from the vaccine, starts at around 13:50.

One service member points out that from a readiness perspective, the vaccine mandate is far worse than the impact of COVID itself – 95 service members have died from COVID, while over 3200 have been discharged for not taking the vaccine, with many more cases pending.

Additionally, how many service members have died from the side effects of the vaccines – this information is not being investigated let alone disclosed.

An AF captain describes an incident where a security forces airman was encouraged by her chain of command not to appeal the denial of her religious exemption request, but instead apply for voluntary separation. They told her that if she did so, she would likely get an honorable discharge.

Then, those same command individuals denied her request for voluntarily separation, subjected her to numerous adverse actions, including an Article 15 which she signed under threat of jail time.

Ultimately she was discharged under a general discharge with a misconduct characterization. Her “crime?” – not getting the COVID vaccine.

Several other injustices are discussed. All three service members believe there is a purge of religious service members going on.

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