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Situation at US Service Academies

Lt Gen Bishop was interviewed on The Jim Breslow Show on TNT_Radio.Live regarding the situation at US service academies.

STARRS concentrates on the three major academies, but also maintains awareness of what is going on at the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine academies. Recently, a Merchant Marine senior cadet was disenrolled close to graduation.

The discussion includes why STARRS is open to all Americans, not just military retirees. STARRS strives to inform the young Americans, especially those who have dedicated their life to the defense of our country and way of life, exactly why and how this country was founded.

The Marxist ideologies creeping into the fabric of service academy programs devalue our country, values, and individual freedom.

Lt Gen Bishop encourages leaders to listen to the people they are leading to see how the message and culture of this leftist ideology is divisive.

The discussion includes biased “anti-extremist” training that was mandated for all service members and what a speaker (George Takei) said in a mandatory leadership training presentation, and in his book that was issued to every USAFA cadet.

The present environment seems to have started with a congressional mandated 2009 investigative committee across DOD; and officially with President Obama’s signed executive order August 18, 2011, mandating Diversity and Inclusion throughout the federal workforce.

The Army and Naval academies have found similar untoward challenges at their academies.

The active definitions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion were presented, and the impact on military effectiveness of was discussed.

Apparently, meritocracy is no longer the primary factor in the military leader selection criteria.

Finally, they briefly discuss how numerous USAFA and West Point cadets have been denied religious exemptions from vaccine mandates.

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