DOD Marxism West Point

Critical race theory is a threat to our national security

By Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

The U.S. military is being attacked from within. But instead of rifles and tanks, the weapon being used to dismantle our armed forces is progressive ideology.

The latest target is the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, which was established by George Washington and is where our rising generation of Army officers are schooled. Government watchdog Judicial Watch just uncovered that West Point leadership has been force-feeding cadets the tenets of critical race theory , a Marxist theory that stokes racial separatism.

As a result of two Freedom of Information Act lawsuits against the Department of Defense, Judicial Watch forced the release of more than 600 pages of PowerPoint slides, handouts, and other curricula used to educate West Point cadets on topics such as “modern day slavery in the USA.”

The documents from West Point reveal an assault on cadets in the form of race-based shaming that paints one race as an oppressor and another as the victim. In one presentation, for example, titled “‘Race and the Invisible Hand’: How White Networks Exclude Black Men from Blue-Collar Jobs,” West Point cadets were taught that white people are malicious oppressors. The academy’s training materials also described whiteness as “a standpoint or place from which white people look at themselves and the rest of society.” . . .

. . . . . CRT is a threat to our nation. It arises from the Marxist intellectual framework against which the United States fought during the Cold War. And although the U.S. defeated the imminent military threat of Marxist communism in the 1980s, it lives on beneath the banner of CRT and has infiltrated every aspect of American society, from cultural institutions to the workplace and now the U.S. military. Allowing CRT to permeate military education betrays those who fought and still defend this nation against the Marxist totalitarian menace. . . . .  (read the rest)

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