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“NOW” the Army wants white males

The US Army recently tweeted a recruitment video featuring an all-white male group of soldiers jumping from a helicopter:

The comments on the tweet were brutal, noticing that when America is this close to World War III, the military suddenly stops pushing the anti-white male DEI agenda because, guess what: it needs those white male warriors now.

But judging from the comments, it’s too late:

“No time for diversity now that it’s wartime, huh guys?”

“Nahhh, you all play’d the big silly in 2021, ran folks like me out of the Army. Legacy family service since Washington’s Army until our current GWOT endeavors… every single war/conflict. So you all wonder why folks are telling you to currently kick rocks… well, that’s why.”

“A white guy in an army ad. Looks like we really are going to war, boys.”

“Do you understand now how much damage you’ve done over the last few years? Good luck filling in the hole you so willingly dug for yourselves.”

“Noticing an unusual lack of forced diversity here. What are you plotting?”

“Uh oh. An army ad that features white men doing actual army stuff. Guess we’re going to war in the Middle East soon.”

“White men in an army commercial instead of obese they/thems telling their story how the army helps them live their life as a poly cat family? You must be looking for bullet catchers to fight another BS sand war. Too late, pass.”

“Don’t come to whites now that you need men for your wars.”

“An empire that wants my kids to be feminine, ghey and to chop of their good bits. An empire that teaches my daughters they should feel ashamed to be mothers. An empire that diminishes and erases my heritage. You’re on your own.”

“You think you can seriously fool people with an all white ad after years of shoving “diversity” down our throats?”

“Go and get the They/Thems to fight your next war.”

“Can’t hit those recruitment goals so you’re trying to reach out to Midwestern and southern white guys again, huh?”

“Excuse me, the Army hates and abuses White men.”

“Recruitment is down; global threats are up. Looks like it’s time to ditch the “my two moms” Army ads and target the warrior class again.”

“Where are the disabled black lesbians? Where are the drag queens? Where is the ‘diversity’? What happened?”

“Nah, let the diversity go win your wars for you.”

“Not this generation, you’re not getting my sons like you got my father and I before. Have fun with the Diversity Squad.”

“Only time you have white men is when its war time.”

“The military spent the last three years telling America that diversity and climate change are the main issues facing US forces. Why aren’t the climate communists enlisting?”

“Imagine completely disrespecting an entire race and their culture then wanting them to fight wars for you.”

“You guys are the worst. Keep your woke pro trans agenda. No one should join the army anymore.”

“Not ONE pride flag or person dressed as a furrie? What kind of non-inclusive Army is this? 🙄”

“Looking for that last minute recruitment huh. Those woke ads not pulling the numbers? Must be getting desperate for able bodied white men because this AD is especially curated for them. I smell war in the horizon.”

“Need the diversity brigade to go first.”

“What?!? No “Pride” patches? No drag queens?? No “two moms” stories?? I guess its back to targeting corn-fed Midwesterners and Southerners amidst the worst recruiting numbers in decades while the globalist amp up for WWIII.”

“You already burned all your good will to people who would have joined. Keep running those diverse ads losers.”

“Can’t wait to have my sons spend two weeks a year in diversity and equity courses while getting injected with pharmaceuticals that attack his heart muscles. Good times.”

“Diversity not working out too good for ya, huh?”

“Wow, it’s like you realized that the trons and heavily medicated, gender fluid crowd you were pandering to didn’t want to join.”

“This is no good. Where’s the lethal transgender and diverse fighting force the military is so proud of? White people aren’t going to fight for a government that hates them.”

“What? No more videos of men in makeup pretending to be women?”

“Toning down the diversity push now huh? Is that a sign of something brewing with what’s going on over seas? Finally noticing the they/thems aren’t really cutting it?”

“I’m guessing they finally realized the forced diversity isn’t the way to recruit.”

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak armies. Weak armies create ads trying to win back the approval of very people they’ve spent years belittling.”

“Be all the genders you can be.”

“White men are done dying for multiculturalism, feminism, spreading the rainbow, trans rights, and feeding the military industrial complex.”

“If they start showing Band of Brothers clips that will tell us that Congress will declare war within 24 hours.”

“Oh no… the DEI officer has been fired?”

The Army also posted the video on their YouTube channel:

Some noticed the Army was desperately deleting/throttling comments because the backlash was so severe. Guess all those Political Commissar DEI briefings that soldiers were forced to sit through worked as the ‘privileged’ males in these comments are willingly giving up their slot in the military for the ‘oppressed’:

“I would like to join the military, but as a white, heterosexual male, I don’t want to take opportunities away from minorities.”

“As a white cis male descended from people who’ve fought in most conflicts this country has seen going back to the revolutionary war: I feel that joining up would be merely getting in the way of our BIPOC and LGBTQP2A+ troops, wasting valuable resources better spent on them, the true strength and future of this country.”

“As a white man I must bow out and make room for the brave LGBTQMap+ BiPoC future soldiers who will no doubt do this country proud.”

“Diversity is our strength. So you need more diversity. I recommend 100% diversity for the most strength possible.’

“I don’t want to support the patriarchy or take spots away for marginalized groups, so I speak for all white men, we will sit this one out.”

“I want to wish all the LGBTQA+, Illegals and feminists all the best with processing at MEPS. You’ve got this!”

“As a white male, heterosexual male, I step aside for strong and independent women to prove themselves.”

“Diversity is our strength! I wish the 🌈 community the best of luck!”

“Does this mean they are going to promote more white men now lol…I am guessing not. How did this ad make it past the DEI filter? I wish everyone luck…we are going to need it.”

“As a straight, White male I cannot fathom taking a frontline spot away from recently transitioned black female lesbian Lilith. Best of luck to they/xir.”

“Now they have no choice but to beg the people who have always been the majority of the warriors to fight their wars again. It’s a little too late now, and I think they realize that.”

“I as a white male will stand aside for the trans folks and poc.”

“I don’t have two mothers, so I’m not sure I’d fit in with the Army’s culture. Pass!”

“As a veteran of the US Army, I hope the Army now enjoys its surge of the LGBLT+ and BIPOCs. Its your turn to shine now!”

“I wish all the LGBTQXYZ++ all the luck in the future battlefield, they will need it!”

“As a White Man, I feel like me enlisting would take an opportunity to serve this big, gay nation away from a deserving BIPOC or ‘birthing person’ so I will stay home.”

“I’m alarmed at the lack of latinx otherkin furries in this ad. Aren’t they our best and brightest, after all? As for me I am, unfortunately, simply not diverse enough and our army deserves nothing but the best. I wish the gender non-conforming obese neurodivergent demiboy brigade the best of luck on the battlefield.”

“Many many Men in my family have fought and died for this country. I was taught to respect the land that was fought for, the people who fought for it and God. But I say let those who hate the men that have protected us can go fight!”

“Twenty years, Trillions of dollars, Thousands of lives lost, all so we could fly a rainbow flag from the Kabul embassy. Why would anyone want to serve in the Army?”

“As a an active duty combat medic, this makes me feel so represented, its great to see someone onscreen who looks like me, I cant imagine that this means we will be deploying soon!”

“As a fighting age White male of German descent I’d have to say “thanks but no thanks” I’ll stay state side and help protect my family and community when that time comes.. all others BIPOC/ LGBTQIA-infinity stone members can join and fight in my place, I wouldn’t want to strip them of this prime opportunity to be “included” now would I?”

“Tune changed real quick once things started to get real 😂”

“Don’t worry guys Emma and her two moms got this.”

“Why are they trying to recruit “extremists” all of a sudden?”

“You guys and the government spent so much effort asking minorities and women to be Army strong, I don’t have the heart to put all that effort to waste. I will stand aside and let them have their turn in the spotlight.”

“To whoever thought of this: Too little, too late.”

“As a white man, I think we have too many white people in the U.S Army. So I’d be more than happy for the Army to send minorities over to fight the wars since we’ve done it for the longest time. We’re going to sit out for a while, taking a break. Please have more diversity in your ranks. Diversity = Strength. Can’t have strength if it’s white.”

“War comes a knocking, the white men show back up in your commercials lol.”

‘The FBI would be putting the guys in this ad on a terror watch list. Our president has said they are the greatest threat to the nation.”

“Now, all of a sudden, people who look like me exist in military recruiting ads? Sorry … you are no longer trusted, no longer credible. Have fun.”

“These guys are pushing all sorts of stuff that has nothing to do with making the military ready for war. And they are discriminating against white people who make up the large amounts of folk who join. I was in the Army in the early ’90s and most of my platoons were white males. There was usually about 3 or 4 blacks and 3 or so Hispanics, which I am Hispanic. We even had two Koreans in my last platoon and we got along just fine. We didn’t need the Democrats to come in and try to teach us how to be sensitive and get along with each other.”

“I would never again take a spot away from a minority or a strong woman to protect and defend a foreign country.”

“I as a non-binary bipoc genderfluid latinx terf gender studies expert feel offended by this video.”

“I wonder if they’re starting to understand why “no gays in the military” and “don’t ask, don’t tell” was the rule for so long.”

“Where’s all the people you pandered to for years?”

“Funny how a war is fixing to start and all of the diversity disappears in recruiting ads.”

“Can I still jump from a plane or chopper if I refuse an illegally mandated EUA deceptively being pushed as an approved drug?”

“Interesting, there is a conflict in a certain desert area and all of the sudden the army reverts back to proper ads with toxic masculinity? ……why is that? what happened to all the diversity and the LGBT++++++++++ , BiPOC and the girl with the two mommies?”

“Wow, this looks great! I wish you luck! But, as a white man, I do not want to take any opportunities away from sexual and racial minorities with my white privilege, so I will sit this war out. Cheers!”

“Like I’d go die for a country that spends the rest of its time and energy demonizing me bc of my skin color and genitals.”

“The apology which came far too late. Good luck with your wars and stuff from now on, though. Sure you’ll be just fine.”

“Well, gosh, the U.S. Army seems very keen on White young men now all of a sudden.”

“There’s two glaring themes in the comments here. Wokeness has delivered its blow to the recruiting and folks are finally fed up with the endless wars. Not Army’s fault directly but pentagon, if you’re looking at this, and I know someone monitors this for them, it’s a feedback goldmine for finding out what’s wrong with your recruitment and retention levels.”

“Interesting how diversity takes a holiday when America needs a functioning military.”

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