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An Appeal to Those Who Went Along: A Call for Courage Among U.S. Military Leaders

By Brad Miller, former Army officer

NOTE from LTG Bishop: Brad–you really lay it out there!  You, bb, and Rob have a lot of courage! I do think there is another category of leader today, though.  A leader that deplores what he/she is seeing and is in a bit of a holding pattern, waiting for the right time and opportunity to make a difference, knowing they might not have enough rank or mutual support to do anything except get themselves fired.  Sure they could resign, but there would be someone probably much worse to take over they reason.  Recently had lunch with such a leader.  My message–can’t be silent forever–you won’t respect yourself.

That said–the complicity we all observed in executing the covid vaccine mandate, willingly breaking the law, willingly covering up data, willingly not recognizing all the medical reports coming out, willingly ignoring the science, willingly harshly coercing subordinates to take a shot against their will, is one of the darkest moments in American military history in my opinion.  Lawyers should have informed their leaders what they were doing was illegal.  The medical community was missing in action.  Some leaders knew what was happening and did nothing as you point out.

Thank you for the very important role you are playing in educating America on where our military is going down the wrong road!   Your four recommendations are solid I believe! VR, Rod

Our country appears, in all visible ways, to be teetering on the brink of ruin. Some would say it’s already there. Whether it’s the orchestrated invasion currently occurring at the border, or the economic struggles, or other problems, it is clear to any impartial observer that our country is in chaos.

One of the reasons the chaos is so prevalent is that many of our government “leaders” are actively destroying our institutions or all mechanisms of defense against the destruction.

Rather than actively defending the republic, the military is complicit in this destruction.

Recognizing the magnitude of the problem we face, we need true leaders in this country to stand up in its defense. The first step in standing up in our country’s defense is to refuse to go along with the planned destruction.

I intend for this piece to come across as equal parts “sharp rebuke” and “willingness to embrace.”

This is, therefore, an appeal to all currently serving leaders within the military, with a specific focus on those who up to this point have lacked either the awareness or the integrity to oppose the intentional degradation of our fighting forces.

If there is any shred of honor, dignity, or true patriotism left within the United States Armed Forces, we are looking to appeal to those sentiments in order to encourage currently serving leaders of all ranks to resist the ongoing destruction of the military. After all, this destruction deliberately extends to the country as a whole.

Resistance is going to require moral courage, a virtue that has been in exceedingly short supply within our military in recent years.

Nonetheless, we extend a call for courage among those of you whose sense of honor, dignity, or true patriotism might kindle within you the resolve to fight for your country and military rather than against them. This would require you to take a different approach than the one you have taken up to this point. . . . . (read more on Brad’s Substack)

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