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British Army Doctor forced out of Army for saying men can’t be women

An experienced British Army doctor with two Afghanistan tours under his belt has been forced out, it is claimed, after he made a social media post saying “men cannot be women”.

Dr Kelvin Wright, formerly an Army Reserve officer who had commanded the 306 Hospital Support Regiment and flew in combat evacuation helicopters in Afghanistan in addition to his civilian role as a NHS trauma consultant is being supported by the Free Speech Union after he was allegedly pushed out of the army by an investigation into his social media usage.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, Wright had posted a meme citing the words of feminist Helen Joyce that “If women cannot stand in a public place and say ‘men cannot be women’, when we do not have women’s rights at all”.

This is said to have triggered an internal Army investigation into his “substandard behaviour”, leaving the experienced doctor to resign his commission, which will severely impact his army pension.

The paper cites Dr Wright as saying of the events: “This attack on my honour made my position completely untenable. I could no longer remain in an Army which treated its officers with such disrespect. . . . (read more on Breitbart News)

Colonel ‘forced out of Army’ after stating ‘men cannot be women’ (Daily Telegraph, 29 JUN 23)
Kelvin Wright says he had to resign following warning from junior officer that his views could be at odds with MoD transgender policy
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Helen Joyce’s ‘Trans’ exposes the false promise of gender identity ideology (CapX)

Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, by Helen Joyce

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