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‘Modern Warriors’ sound off on wokeness in the military

Former Apache helicopter pilot Wesley Hunt, retired US Army Captain Jason Church, former Lieutenant Colonel Stu Scheller and former Green Beret Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., shared their perspective on changes in the military culture; emphasizing that the emphasis within the military should be on meeting standards, not Woke demands.

“It’s very real. It’s actually coming from the soldiers, from the cadets in terms of the outcry about what’s happening,” Rep. Waltz said. “A lot of recruits are saying, that’s not what we signed up for, and it is tearing our military apart from the inside.”

The Department of Defense and military schools have come under fire over efforts to push critical race theory and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs. Critics have argued this step is putting preparedness and strength on the back burner in favor of social justice efforts.

“Inevitably, if you have people who cannot perform the job in positions of real importance, that’s when people die,” Captain Jason Church shared. “So if we’re prioritizing politics over military effectiveness and readiness, we will lose the next war.” . . . .

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