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Military Service Academies Over the Years

Videos looking back at the US military service academies over the years. What are your memories?

The Making Of A West Pointer – The Big Picture (1950s)
Follows a new cadet going attending West Point

This is The Point (1967)
Daily life at the Military Academy at West Point, NY

West Point – The Army Challenge (1968)
The life of a West point cadet

West Point Path to Success (1979/1980)

The United States Naval Academy (1948)
The activities of U.S. Navy cadets at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland

The Annapolis Story (1954)

Admirals in the Making (1956)
Opportunities for those who attend USNA

The Sounds of Annapolis (1972)

US Naval Academy: The First Year (early 1980s)

What Makes a Man: The Story of the United States Air Force Academy (mid-1960s)

Air Force Academy (1970s)

A Commitment To Excellence (1977)
Highlights life at the US Air Force Academy

1980s USAFA mission video (1982)

Military Courtesy and Customs of the Service
Classic U.S. Army training film about discipline, organization, rank and respect in the military. Includes lessons in rank recognition, how to salute, and more

The Men From The Boys – The Big Picture (1969)
How new recruits are transformed into trained soldiers during the first eight weeks of Basic Training

General Douglas MacArthur: Duty, Honor, Country – Speech at West Point – May 12, 1962

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