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Is the military too ‘woke’ to recruit?

Lt. Col. Dan Rooney, former US Air Force fighter pilot and founder of Folds of Honor, and Maj. Gen. Edward Thomas, the Commander of the US Air Force Recruiting Service discussed the military’s recruitment numbers and whether the decline of American culture is impacting the country’s security on ‘One Nation with Brian Kilmeade.’ (Watch above)

The segment was essentially a recruitment pitch and denied the politicization problems in the military. The General said the number one reason why young people don’t want to join the military is Fear of Death or Injury. He reassured the audience by saying being in the services are safer than being in the general population. (Not sure how all that works out if the reason the military exists is warfighting).

The problem is, the video got ratioed by the comments on the YouTube video. Here is what people are saying:

“I’m retiring in July after 22 years 100% because of the new woke BS. We spend a significant amount of time dedicated to woke agenda and I’ve had enough. gender identification acceptance, pronouns, etc. I honestly DO NOT care what the person is or thinks they are, but at the same time I don’t want an agenda FORCED down my throat. I believe what I believe and other are free to believe what they want. Just let me do my job of defending this nation.”

“Same here. I’m almost able to retire from active service and can’t wait.”

“As a recently separated veteran, seeing a she/her in a leader’s email to the soldiers contributed to my disdain for the military.”

“As someone that’s currently active for 19 years, the route that the military has taken would absolutely make me not want to do it again. I’ve had so many first term enlisted ask questions and opinions from me. Not because of going to war but because of politics and policies put in place.”

“Every young person I’ve spoken with in the last couple of years that once thought about military service has specifically said that new policies, most of which came under Biden, are the reason why they won’t join. EVERY ONE OF THEM. These are people from all around the greater Washington DC many of which had parents and grand parents who were military. This is a pretty good sign that people don’t want to join the new “woke” military.”

“I appreciate Brian taking them on because I couldn’t wait to retire because of the wokeness and climate change agenda that was being pushed & he’s right the ads are absolutely ridiculous, and I’m embarrassed at the direction of our once great military.”

“As a veteran I’m absolutely disgusted with the so-called leadership in all the branches right now. I used to send a lot of young people to the recruiters, but I can no longer in good conscience do that until things improve.”

“My grandson was the same. I have actively discouraged him the last few years because of the horrendous current leadership of the military. The last four generations of my family have served in the various branches with honor. Today, I see no honor leading those branches.”

“The military has always depended on patriots to serve their country. But the new policies in the military are making it very unappealing to patriotic people, which is leaving a huge gap in recruitment and retention. The left has this idea that they can recruit more “open-minded” woke people to fill that gap, but they are learning the hard way that those woke individuals are generally far too self absorbed to ever consider serving. So here we are with a recruitment retention crisis.”

“As a retired USAF member, I can unequivocally state that there is far too much emphasis the woke agenda than there is on the mission.”

“Remember the Soviet kommisars? We have our version the “diversity and inclusion” is a de facto political officer.”

“As a 4 year Navy Vet Grandma, I would be against any of my grandchildren serving in today’s WOKE military.”

“My nephew retired from the 82nd Airborne in the last year. Thank God he’s the last family member to leave the “Joke” Military. He wanted to be a lifer and he served more than 15 years, but said to Hell with it when the Military became a Woke Joke.”

“My son has always wanted to be soldier. As a little boy he ran around in fatigues, he looked for any reason to. He’s been in JROTC. He volunteer’s for everything he can… Food pantries, hospital help, picking up garbage around the town. He has a chest full of ribbons, and he’s extremely proud of himself and America. He is 16 now and wants his mom and I to sign him into the Marines early when he turns 17. I can’t stomach the idea under this current administration. He’ll go anyways when he’s 18. I want him to have a great experience. I don’t want him or myself to regret it.”

“There’s always been a particular culture in the United States that the military relied on for their recruitment. Level-headed men that came from rural country, distilled with pride and a certain amount responsibility. The military don’t want those people anymore, it seems, and there’s not really another group they can pull from that will ever be as effective. This is why you’re seeing the military become more automated.”

“Most vets I know are telling everyone that will listen to keep their kids as far away from the government as they can.”

“Military service is a kitchen table topic. Conservative families in today’s world aren’t likely to encourage their child to enlist, or incur an obligation to serve through college ROTC. The current CINC, the SECDEF, and the Chairman don’t inspire families to encourage their children towards military service. Hard. Cold. Truth.”

“Because of the state of the Government I’m discouraging my sons from enlisting in the military and if there is a draft later on when they are old enough to join I encourage them to leave the country. I don’t agree with what the Government and military represents anymore as these ideologies conflicts with our beliefs. And honestly I can say the United States isn’t a free nation as liberties are trampled into the ground by the Government. What my grandfather and father fought for is gone.”

“I knew I wanted to serve in the Air Force when I was still a junior in high school. I had a teacher who was a veteran combat pilot in WWII who extolled the virtues of the citizen soldier. To him, there was no higher honor than to serve in the armed forces, and he was an inspiration to many of us. I joined delayed enlistment in October of 1978, and went to basic training in September of the following year. I graduated from basic on my 18th birthday and served twenty years. If todays recruiters reminded prospects not only of the benefits, but also continued to remind them that to serve one’s fellow countrymen by placing themselves between their beloved country and the wars desolation is still the most honorable of professions, instead of the woke BS they try to push, they might inspire a whole new generation to serve. Speak to their hearts as well as their minds.”

“Speaking as a 20 year veteran: They won’t say what the real issue is, because they can’t with out punishment.”

“Man I did my time in Army Active Duty from July 2010 to April 2018. Almost eight years and unfortunately had to be medically discharged after being run over in 2015. Still don’t regret it. I was born into a military family, my father, grandfather, great grandfather, uncles. Pretty much grew up in a hanger watching Huey’s and apaches being worked on. Now I talk to guys still in and instead of being mission ready w they have classes on pronouns. How is that important in a fight?”

“Military can’t recruit? Well we have a general that will call the enemy and tell them we are going to attack.”

“The military is great, but “fake wars” is so devastating for people with morals.”

“My grandson was thinking of joining the US military this June. Shortly after New Year he said that he had changed his mind. “The government sucks ” was his excuse.”

“As a Vet, I do my best to steer everyone away from service.”

“I can see it turning, I am Retired DOD and was a Marine in the early days, I still go on base to workout and can see it getting soft. Kids want a soft life now.”

“We live in a time where all they do is shame men for being men why would anybody that’s a guy want to join a society that craps on us.”

“My husband served twenty-four in the Corps. He retired in 2010. The military is not what it once was and my husband and I discourage anyone from joining.”

“My son has been in the Navy for 13 years and I’m I big military supporter. Given the changes in the military I would not recommend it to people and I never thought that would be the case!”

“I was a U.S. Marine, and I can tell you that a lot of guys decided not to re-enlist because of this woke foolishness.”

“I was USAF in the 1980s. Here’s the problem: Military is trying to recruit “woke” young people and those folks are NEVER going to join up. 85% of my service mates were conservative types, the other 15% moderates. This is like a steakhouse advertising in Vegan Monthly. It’s just not happening.”

“I am a veteran of 36 years Sea-going Navy service and a two combat tour VietNam War veteran. I love the Navy and the Marine Corps ; I absolutely despise everything that they have become.”

“Give us an America worth fighting for again and watch the recruiting numbers jump.”

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