Interview With Historian Jane Hampton Cook

STARRS’ VP Dr. Ron Scott interviews historian, author and STARRS Board of Advisors member, Jane Hampton Cook.

Jane was working at the White House on 9/11 and was evacuated due to fears the White House would be the next target.

She is an award-winning author who has published 10 books. Through the passion for patriotism she developed from serving in the White House and living through 9/11, she began researching and writing historical books based on in-depth study of original sources.

They first discuss her book Battlefields and Blessings, a 365 day devotional written in the words of those who lived through the Revolutionary War. Jane then explains how the original writings of the founders are now available online and can be studied by anyone. Those writings clearly dispute recent radical ideologies like those portrayed in the 1619 Project.

One point she emphasizes is that George Washington never used the word “democracy;” instead he always referred to our government as a Republic.

Dr. Scott points out that memoirs of former communists say that democracy is the key to socialism because people could vote in the tyrants that would usher in communism (note: Hitler was elected).

They then discuss why she is so motivated to help with the STARRS mission and how Cancel Culture is not new. Benjamin Franklin even had to fight it to get his writings out to the public.

They also discuss the history of the abolition movement slavery and how the Constitution was crafted to achieve this goal, and how CRT and other ideologies are eroding the military today.

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