BOOK: The Origins of Our Founding Principles

The United States Constitution is like a new musical composition that contains familiar notes and chords but nonetheless strikes the ear as highly original and fresh.

Rather than a new creation, however, our Constitution is an amalgam of ideas and traditions that date back to the ancients.

Its blend of six important principles renders it one of the most unique and exceptional creations in the annals of human history.

In this engaging volume, professors from the Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty at Houston Baptist University explain the historical, philosophical, legal, and theological influences on our nation’s founding principles and why they create a constitutional culture that is worth preserving.

This accessible book, written for a general audience, will be of interest to anyone interested in learning more about the origins of our system of government.

Topics include: 1. Athenian Democracy 2. The Fall of Rome 3. The Medieval Period 4. The English Civil War and the Glorious Revolution 5. Constitutions and the American Revolution 6. Natural Law and the American Founding 7. Liberty and Limited Government 8. Separation of Powers 9. The Necessity of the Rule of Law 10. Equality 11. The Declaration of Independence 12. The English Reformation and the American Founding 13. American Churches and the First Amendment 14. The Magna Carta 15. The English Bill of Rights 16. Covenants, Compacts and Charters 17. Early American Constitutionalism

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