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In Leaked Video, Veterans’ Affairs Tells Providers To Promote Abortion, Avoid Saying ‘Mother’ And ‘Baby’

The Department of Veterans Affairs teaches its so-called health care providers to encourage abortions, instructs that men can get pregnant, and recommends against congratulating a pregnant woman, a leaked training video initially obtained by the Post Millennial revealed.

The federally funded training further portrays abortion as beneficial for expectant mothers, and childbirth as more dangerous than having an abortion, while perpetuating the myth that abortion restrictions represent a “long history of reproductive injustice in this country.”

The video outlines preferred terminology, much of it sourced from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, that clearly glorifies abortion and erases women.

The offensive framing instructs that instead of “pregnant woman,” the approved term is “person who is pregnant.”

Instead of “baby” or “unborn child,” medical providers are supposed to say “fetus” or “embryo.”

“Mother” is replaced by “person.”

The video openly admits that the most common reasons women give for seeking abortions aren’t life-threatening circumstances, as the abortion boosters in the media pretend, but reasons of convenience.

At the top of the list, 40 percent of women who sought abortions cited “not [being] financially prepared” and 36 percent said it was “not the right time for a baby.”

Twenty percent of women said they chose abortion to ensure their babies didn’t “interfere[] with future opportunities.”

Case studies featured in the training, like one about a woman named Jada who was seeking an abortion, are presented in language designed to scare women away from keeping their babies.

Jada wanted an abortion because she wanted to “feel in control” instead of having her dreams “squashed,” the training materials state.

The dream in question: she wanted to sell jewelry online. “Now she can’t see that ever happening.”

The video later claims that “abortion restrictions can substantially curtail life prospects.” . . . .

. . . . “Americans will be shocked to learn that, not only is the VA performing abortions at hospitals across the county, but they are promoting and training their staff with radical pro-abortion ideology, counseling women veterans into having abortions,” she said in a statement.

“Most Americans don’t want their taxpayer dollars funding abortions, especially in direct violation of the law.”. . . . . (read more on The Federalist)

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