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Dana Lyon Follow-Up

Since we introduced you to Dana’s situation , STARRS has put out a press release and she and her attorney (and STARRS General Counsel) Mike Rose were interviewed by Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends.

The local Colorado Springs paper wrote an article that includes the basics and goes into more detail about her accomplishments working at AFA.

Colorado Spring’s television station 13, KRDO, published an investigative report on the situation. We have also received comments from people who worked with her.

As a reminder, in the “Notice of Termination” dated 31 May, 2022 Dana was told “This is non-disciplinary and not personal to you.” She submitted a letter requesting reconsideration and pointing out the termination date was two months short of retirement benefit eligibility. In reply, she received an email on 8 June from the Executive Director of AFA Athletic Programs stating:

“To be clear, the decision not to renew your contract was based on performance and the department’s wish to go in a different coaching direction with the track & field team, not on your vaccination status. At the time of your notification, we were not aware that you were only two months shy of five years of active civilian service, which we now know is important for your retirement eligibility. Given this new information, I will extend your employment contract until 31 August 2022, so that you will be eligible for a federal retirement.”

Although Dana and STARRS are happy about this development, the fight will continue. Prior to her notice of termination, the only negative counseling she had received was in relation to the COVID vaccine. Normally, if there are performance issues with a federal employee, they are warned, mentored, and given a performance improvement plan. None of this happened.

As a testament to her superior performance and the respect she garnered from cadets she worked with, we received the following from a former AFA athlete:

“Dana is so amazing.  She gives her heart and soul to everything she does.  Spends her own money buying implements for the track team.  When they wouldn’t let her travel to meets, she took leave and drove herself hours to be there for her kids.”

Her coach from her cadet years (and father of a current cadet) also wrote about his impressions of her:

“Dana was my star thrower.  2 Time NCAA javelin National Champion, and inches away from making the US Olympic Team.  You won’t find a more honorable, amazing human being anywhere.  This was an absolute gut punch reading the news of her termination.  The stories my cadet (arrived home on leave yesterday) tells of Dana’s super-human dedication to her country, the AF, and her cadet athletes, nearly brought me to tears.  I’m utterly disgusted beyond words at the AD for doing this.”

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