DOD Marxism Open Letter

“A Republic If You Can Keep It”: Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals

A May 2021, open letter signed by retired generals and admirals warned our Nation was in deep peril in a fight for our survival as a Constitutional Republic against Socialism/Marxism.

Today, our nation is on the precipice of losing that fight for our cherished Liberty as enumerated in our Constitution, the document to which we swear our military Oaths.

If the expansion of Socialism/Marxism is not stopped, we will lose it to that deadly and suppressive ideology.

Historically, socialism requires an authoritarian form of government like Marxism to impose it on free people. It cannot be done unless “we the people” sacrifice our Constitutional freedoms and become compliant to unconstitutional government mandates and intrusions into everyday lives.

Covid was used as the tool to suppress our freedom and as justification for massive mail-in balloting resulting in reports of fraud. Reasonable voter verification is now opposed and called racist. Without fair and honest elections that accurately record the legal votes of citizens, we have lost our Republic to one party authoritarian rule.

Many ask, “How can this be?”

The short answer is we’ve been too complacent, while over 60+ years the ideology of Marxism/Socialism with associated corruption has slowly infiltrated into our major institutions to wit: educational system, news & social media, political system, judicial system, entertainment industry, corporations, and now tragically our military.

We took an oath “…to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…

Our greatest foreign threat is China, followed by Russia, Iran, N. Korea, and Islamic terrorism. We warned in Aug 2021, the debacle in Afghanistan where the Biden Administration politically surrendered to terrorists would embolden foreign threats. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s aggression toward Taiwan are tied to the Afghanistan surrender. Such foreign powers see weakness and no longer fear the consequences (deterrence factor) coming from the United States in response to their aggression.

The greatest threat to our survival is “domestic”, not “foreign”. Those who believe Socialism/Marxism is acceptable fail to look at history; that ideology leads to death and destruction. Considering just Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot, estimates are they killed over 100 million people.

America has fought Socialists/Marxists during the Cold War with the Soviets (1947-91); in the 1950s and 60s we fought communists in Korea and Vietnam. Over 95,000 brave Americans were killed in those wars by the same ideology that now controls our government in the Administration and Congress! Ponder that.

Political correctness has caused our military to lose focus on the reason it exists: to fight and win our Nation’s wars.

“Woke” social programs like CRT and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) are divisive as they tear at the trust and confidence our warriors must have in each other.

Foreign threats are encouraged by such self-inflicted weakening of our military as the corrosive mandatory “woke” training occurs in our Services.

Public trust in the military has declined in recent years, and Army recruiting is the worst since 1973 causing very dangerous reductions in force size. The defense budget does not keep up with 40 year high inflation while the IRS hires 87,000 new agents.

The tenets of divisive programs like CRT and DEI, are being taught throughout our education system, corporate America, and the federal government including our military. These are Marxist techniques casting us into opposing groups based on the oppressed vs the oppressors, mostly along racial lines. The purpose is to sow seeds of distrust which often leads to civil unrest and increasing violence as seen in many large cities.

The “rule of law” is lost when a double standard exists, laws are selectively enforced, mayors and DAs decide when to prosecute based on politics, preference goes to criminals over victims, the DOJ/FBI is weaponized against parents speaking at school board meetings, and now blatantly against political opponents. Defund the police movements endanger all Americans, especially in large cities where minorities often suffer the most. Without the “rule of law” and accountability, we have lost our Republic.

Other destructive actions taken by the Administration and Congress which cripple our Country include:

  • Open borders allowing 2+ million illegals, with unknown numbers of criminals, cartel members, terrorists, drug and sex traffickers, illegal drugs, entering our Country; widely dispersed into various states; paid for at great taxpayer expense. Without Title 42, estimates are 18,000 illegals will cross our border daily totaling ~6 million more during the Biden Administration.
  • Uncontrolled spending causing the highest inflation in 40 years. Covid lockdowns upset our work ethic by keeping people at home and giving some more money to not work than work, driving thousands of small businesses into bankruptcy making more people dependent on the government—socialism
  • War on fossil fuels–going from energy independence to energy dependence and reaching the highest gas prices on record; asking our adversaries to bail us out and depleting our strategic petroleum reserves instead of unshackling our own massive domestic production capability.

The assault on free speech and censorship coming from governmental agencies, the media, tech giants, the educational system, etc., is tyrannical. When people are afraid to say in public what they say in private, then freedom of speech is lost to cancel culture, censorship and intimidation.

American citizens must stand up now for our Constitution and Rights through peaceful resistance to the Socialist/Marxist movement.

A “Citizen’s Action Plan for America” offers ideas for grassroots action, found at Citizens must contact political representatives at the local, state, and national levels to voice support for a strong mission focused military, secure borders, election integrity, the rule of law, and against censorship and government overreach. Citizens must vote in the 2022 election for candidates who support traditional values in order to constitutionally take back control of our government.

We are at a historic crossroads equal in importance to 1776. Do we hold true to our Constitutional Republic or succumb to the failed and deadly Socialist/Marxist ideology?

The answer depends on citizens getting involved and acting to protect their Constitutional Rights and Liberty. National Security issues can be solved with changes to existing political policies, but that requires replacing politicians holding Socialist/Marxist ideologies with those who have the courage to defend our Constitution. Elections have huge consequences.

PDF of Letter with names of signers: Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals

Flag Officers 4 America

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