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BOOK REVIEW: Standing Up to Goliath

Review by Brent Ramsey

This book, Standing Up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country, is a stunning indictment of union controlled American public schools comes this expose of how far-left ideologues who care not a whit about education promote radical ideologies that are ruining the minds of our youth.

Rebecca Friedrichs lays bare the ugly facts about a public education system that is in crisis today. The book describes in graphic detail the sexualization of children as young as 3rd grade often without parental knowledge or consent about adult sexual practices.

Training materials pushed into schools include cartoons depicting anal and oral sex between both heterosexuals and homosexuals and even deviant sex between adults and children. This disgusting sexualization of children includes the use of life size models of erect penises, instruction on the use of dental dams, and condom use relay races between young children.

Promotion of promiscuous sex, homosexuality and even transgenderism is commonplace among activist Unions, administrators, and some teachers while parents and conservatives are shut out of the process of what is going on in their schools. The book describes how unions abuse teachers who do not support their goals and use intimidation, bullying and fear of job loss to coerce teachers into supporting their radical agendas.

Other topics covered include how the unions utterly control teachers and bilk teachers out of billions in union dues through state supported collective bargaining agreements that lock teachers into inflexible union contracts virtually for life. Union dues are used to promote policies that are not supported by the rank-and-file teachers who actually are mostly conservative and do not support the radical policies of the union.

Also covered are how the unions have co-opted the PTAs into supporting their extreme agenda, and its ruinous and divisive promotion of diversity programs that actually promote racism rather than fight it.

After decades of teaching under increasingly difficult conditions and not being able to teach in the manner she desired that was most conducive to effective learning by her students, a fed-up Rebecca finally resorted to filing a lawsuit that ultimately led to a tremendous victory for personal freedom for teachers who were freed by the Supreme Court from paying mandatory dues to support unions who only push policies abhorrent to the vast majority of teachers.

In a landmark Supreme Court case, teachers were finally allowed to opt out of mandatory dues payment and forced compliance and support for unions’ radical policies.

But, the fight goes on to expose the radical nature of public education, its harmful impact on our children, and the undermining of traditional American values and respect for our founding and Constitution that is relentlessly promoted by the far left unions.

This book is a must read for all Americans who value our freedoms in order to learn the disgraceful indoctrination of our children into beliefs that will fundamentally alter our precious Republic.

Left unchecked our schools will continue to turn out too many young people who hate America or are ignorant of the real America, people who are a mortal threat to our very way of life.

Learn more at Rebecca’s website: For Kids and Country

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