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Tuberville: Biden Democrats Have Created ‘Most Woke, Defenseless Military’ In History

Senator Tommy Tuberville speaks out on how Democrats have implemented policies that have made our armed services the “most woke defenseless military in the history of this country.”



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In the second part of an exclusive interview, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville speaks out about how Democrats have implemented policies that have made our armed services the most woke defenseless military in the history of our country. One America News’ John Hines has more from Capitol Hill.

John Hines, OAN

I’m wondering, it’s kind of interesting you are being criticized for holding up all these nominations, but there’s a columnist writing in the Washington Examiner, and he pointed this out. He said, the Senate has been out for 40 days, takes about 2 hours to approve these nominees individually, Senate procedure.

Basically, a nomination is automatically placed in the Senate’s executive calendar. At that point, any senator can make a motion to proceed to consideration of that nomination. And this motion only requires a simple majority of 51 senators to pass, typically.

And this columnist notes that last 40 days, if the Senate worked eight hour days, they could have approved 108 military nominees in the time they took off since the last Senate vote. This assumes that the Senate Democrats wouldn’t work overtime on weekends. So it’s not really true that you’re holding up all of the nominees. It’s just the idea to get them approved on block. Is that correct?

Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Exactly. They don’t want them to be vetted. They want to do it their way. They want to do 50, 100, 200 at a time. And I said, no, we’re not going to do that.

Now, I can’t hold them up from doing one at a time. And that’s what they should have been doing all along, is just doing them one at a time, taking care of business, actually working.

But Schumer doesn’t want to do that because he knows that if he does one, that he’s admitted guilt here.

He’s going to hold all these generals and admirals back, the ones that could go in certain situations–like the commandant of the Marines. He was here sitting in my office, and I told him, I said, you know what I’m doing? He said, “Coach, you do what you need to do. I will take care of this position.”

Actually, he’s already in the position. He just doesn’t have the title. He’s got interim on the front of his name, but he’s already doing the job.

So they’re trying to fill the world with, hey, this guy (Tuberville), he’s ruining our military.

No, they’re the ones ruining our military because we have gone so woke that we can’t recruit anymore.

Kids do not want get in the military because it’s all politics. Politics are involved. Politics have to do with training.

Anything that you do now in the military has to go through this DEI process, and it’s wrong.

The military is NOT an equal opportunity employer. It is supposed to be building a machine that protects United States of America and its allies.

Right now, we probably have the most woke defenseless military in the history of this country, and it’s going to continue to go down if we allow these clowns to keep destroying from inside out the military that we all love and have enjoyed for years.

John Hines, OAN

You mentioned a woke military. The Washington Post just did an editorial, and I think they said something to the effect that generals are the foundation of our military and they are blaming you, calling you out and saying you’re holding that up, and so you are holding up, putting at risk the foundation of the military. What is your take on that?

Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Well, you hit it on the head right there. The Washington Post saying that the generals and admirals are the backbone of our military.

The backbone of our military are those men and women that are privates, corporals, sergeants, first lieutenants, second lieutenants, captains–the people who actually fight the wars.

Not the ones that sit over in the big luxury suites over in the Pentagon and then drive around in their SUVs with an entourage of people. They don’t do anything. All they do is supposedly give information to help the president make decisions.

I’ll tell you this and I told General Milley this one time right after the Afghanistan debacle. I said, General Milley, you’ve got a two to 300 million dollar budget and you have 4600 employees that work for you. Surely to goodness, did not one of them say, “I don’t think we ought to pull out of Afghanistan like this, this could be a debacle.” Just one of them out of 4600?

Of course, I was trying to make a point. That’s how many people work for these people.

They’re like kings and queens.

We had seven, four star generals during World War II, today we got 44.

In World War II, we had 12 million soldiers, today we got 1.5 million.

We are way top heavy.

And again, I’m not in this to cut back on generals and admirals. That’s for a further discussion down the road.

But I think that we got to make sure that we understand we got a lot of money going out in this budget in terms of 860 or $70 billion for the military. We need to spend it wisely.

John Hines, OAN

Senator coach Tommy Tuberville. It’s been a pleasure.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Thank you.


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