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Woke U.S. Military Crisis: Worst Recruiting Year Since 1973

In this episode, Patrick Bet-David explains the woke U.S. Military crisis: and highlights why the military experienced its worst recruiting year since 1973.

What People Are Saying

(Comments on the video)

“Served 6 years as an Officer and recently left. I went in thinking this was the biggest honor of my life and wanted to do the hardest things possible to give back and give 20 years+. Fast forward to seeing people pushed through my Ranger graduation because of numbers/ difficulty actually removing individuals from the course. Airborne school graduation with individuals standing next to me that fell out of every run, failed pullup test and overweight… Deployment being handcuffed to actually accomplish something…They just sucked any chance of pride from these accomplishments away were I could sit back and say “Damm, I actually did it”. Lastly getting a chance to be an instructor and being forced to push individual’s into the force AS LEADERS, I was done. You could not remove terrible applicants from the school house because it would fall apart in a pile of paperwork. Disrespectful to an NCO or Officer? No problem. Failed a PT test? No problem, try again. Horrible attitude? No issue, they passed minimum standards. Failed academic tests? No issue, recycle and try again. I am absolutely the demographic the Army wants. I couldn’t be more patriotic, I couldn’t have been more motivated and the Army killed all of that. I would never trade those years because of the people I met, but the institution is absolutely broken. If the Army is pushing people like me away, I do not know who they want.”

“I was in 2006-2015, combat arms job in an airborne unit. I got out because I saw the writing on the wall. All of the time and energy allocated to pushing political and social concerns end up pulling away focus from war-fighting and readiness. Woke policies will undoubtedly fail on the battlefield, when that day comes I will be happy that I am out.”

“9 years of military service – 3 years of defense contracting – – – thinking about service in TODAY’s military – – – RUN the other way.”

“I got out of the AF in 2010 and things were still fine then. But my friends who are still in, tell me that morale sucks everywhere and they’re just trying to coast to retirement.”

“As a recent retiree May 2023, the leadership I walked away from was an absolute shit show. An even bigger issue is the people they do manage to recruit are absolutely the softest most useless people I’ve seen my whole career. Out of 12 new technicians, only 2 of them were what I’d call “keepers”. The old timers like myself propping them up are exiting at a unbelievable rate too. My TAPs instructor told us she had to increase the number of classes provided due to the amount of people punching out. It’s gonna get really bad the next few years.”

“I joined two years before you and retired in 17….I’m still associated with military as a JROTC instructor. I left because of how fast and far our standards slid. It’s well off the cliff now. It’s not bad…it was bad and getting worse. It’s unacceptable and people in charge are in complete denial. At least publicly…the system is not designed for an internal fix. This is coming from the top and picked up steam with the 44th PODUS.”

“I did ten years in the Navy and was HYT’ed (High-Year Tenure) back in 2021. One of the biggest strikes that I personally encountered was the automatic promotion (affirmative action) of sailors straight out of school that had no experience whatsoever making E-5/6. I went to my second command in WA back in 2017, checked in to my clinic coming from a major medical center, had my surface warfare pin, lots of experience, I was the only male in the clinic, was treated like dog shit, saw one female, straight from “C” school literally GIVEN promotion twice and went from E-4 to E-6 without lifting a finger, and yet I was told, “you still need to earn your promotion”. That’s when I realized that the Navy has an agenda.”

“Most males in my family have served going back to the Revolutionary War and NONE of us recommend serving now. I go out of my way to tell people DONT DO IT. I was out in 2019 and I watched the ‘Woke’ politics strangle put the last bit of hope I had for the military. It’s broken.”

“I bailed because of this (woke in the military) and its far worse than people realize. Don’t join any branch of service and just learn a trade. Absolute dumpster fire…”
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

“I did 32.5 years and am so glad I am out. The military is an embarrassment. We can no longer go fight, kill, and win. Now they are worried about wholeness. I had a fellow Soldier in the Army transition from a female to male Soldier it was a nightmare. They were treated like a celebrity, they were the promised child.”

“As a retired Air Force Vet I would discourage my children from entering the military: unless they become commissioned. However, even that may not be enough. Today’s Military is not pushed or marketed to promote patriotism but more for wokeness and checking all these boxes for the sake of diversity. Another reason I think many aren’t willing to enlist is the mandated Covid shot.”

“After serving from 2013-to 2022, The Army became all about politics, the standards are not there anymore. All they do now is rotations, now is all about Equal Opportunity and Sharp training you can’t tell soldiers nothing these days because there is no backbone anymore. We as NCO’s can’t enforce standards because the second we do is Hazing or the soldier will get their feelings hurt and the NCO gets their ass handed. Counseling’s I lost track of how many hours I spend writing counseling’s that were pointless, at the end of the day there had to be a trail and after spending all the time doing all that additional work and spending time away from my family, we get to 1SG office just to have him give the soldier a weak tap on the wrist because he cant afford to lose soldiers. SO WE ARE KEEPING TRASH who are just there showing up daily to do THE BARE MINIMUM and get promoted before those of us who bust our ASS. Financially we don’t get paid enough to be babysitting and losing my family, This creates a big mental health issue. As civilians we feel more appreciated and we actually get Paid. I have served with some of America’s most Badass Mf’s and I will forever Honor my brothers and sisters who have sacrificed so much for us.”

“I was forced to medical retire because the AF didn’t want to pay for a cheap drug every month in 1999 and now they are paying for breast enlargement surgery and sex reassignment surgery plus the very expensive multiple drugs they must take daily. And I had never missed a day of work or any deployment and I volunteered for all of them. Unreal what has changed in the once most feared fighting force on the planet.”

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