Vaccine Issue Updates

Marine Capt Tom Stewart, a 13 and a half year veteran, describes how he and other Marine pilots were grounded after submitting formal requests for religious exemptions according to service policy. He explains how the military is wasting a vast amount of money by not letting them do their jobs and describes the life threatening effects a couple pilots he knows experienced after getting the vaccine. Interestingly, none of the grounded personnel he is serving with has had COVID since they were taken off the flight schedule. (Note: Scroll down quite a ways on the linked page to get to the video)

Brig Gen Marty France, USAF (Ret), a Military Religious Freedom Foundation Advisory Board Member published an inflammatory, emotionally charged article filled with deceptive talking points degrading the cadets who have requested religious exemptions from the COVID vaccine. On 24 May, The Gazette in Colorado Springs published an editorial rebutting Brig Gen France’s positions and pointing out the errors in his arguments.

As of 26 May, the Navy has separated 1,074 sailors for not getting vaccinated after their waiver requests were denied. This number does not include many who requested religious exemptions because a federal judge has barred their separation pending the outcome of a federal lawsuit.

As word spread about the Air Force Academy’s decision not to commission graduating seniors who were denied vaccine exemptions, multiple senators introduced The Defending Freedom of Conscience for Cadets and Midshipmen Act to protect cadets and midshipmen.

Lt Gen Rod Bishop and Dr Ron Scott Interviewed on His Glory. The discussion includes examples of the divisive over-emphasis on race and other manifestations of CRT and DEI at USAFA and the tyrannical DoD COVID vaccine policies that seem to ignore scientific data. They also discuss the vaccine lawsuits STARRS is participating in to help affected cadets. The interview starts at the 8:35 point in the linked video.

Dr Robert Malone, a scientist involved in the development of the mRNA vaccine technology, says: “The more doses of these products that you receive, the higher your risk for infection, disease, and death, compared to those that remain ‘unvaccinated’.” His conclusions are based on data from numerous countries.

Ramstein Air Base library scheduled a Drag Queen Hour and then cancelled it after negative media attention.

A 22-year Navy veteran chose to take his case to court after learning that the military services intended to implement a blanket denial policy for service members objecting to receiving non-FDA approved vaccine.  The attorneys for the Navy agreed with the officer’s lawyer that no FDA fully approved vaccines are available, only emergency use approved vaccines.  The review board voted 3-0 that Lt Moseley’s failure to follow the COVID vaccine did not count as misconduct and that the officer should remain in the Navy.  Board members were not convinced that the vaccine order was lawful. Read The Article

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