DOD Navy Woke Agenda

The Woke Takeover of the Military: Reason why recruitment is falling

ON FIRE: Retired Navy Seal Robert O’Neill and Retired Air Force Brigadier General Blaine Holt react to the latest woke push by the U.S. Navy, how to combat the push, and more on NEWSMAX’s Carl Higbie (also a Navy Seal) FRONTLINE.

Also watch: Woke is a Joke

Navy vet Greg Kelly calls out the woke takeover of the U.S. military, Biden’s failed Afghanistan withdrawal, what Trump would do and more on NEWSMAX’s Greg Kelly Reports

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We are US military veterans and citizens concerned about the divisive racist and radical CRT/DEI ideology infiltrating the military and seek to stand up and do something about it in order to keep our country safe. Join us in this fight!
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