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The establishment is leading the ‘top-down, woke revolution’

Unlike the free-spirit days of the 1960s, when the proverbial revolutionaries on the left were fighting the establishment, the front lines in today’s “woke revolution” are the establishment itself, according to historian Victor Davis Hanson.

Hanson, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, told “Life, Liberty & Levin” in an interview airing Sunday that the entity that used to take the arrows in the culture wars is now slinging them itself.

“If you look at the ’60s, people were marching on the campus president’s office to demand change. Now, the campus president is the one that’s suppressing free speech,” Hanson said, citing a Norman Mailer novel that described a planned march on the Pentagon by people demanding social change.

“But [now], the Pentagon’s inaugurating everything from subsidized transgender surgeries to hunting out supposed ‘White rage’ and White supremacy in the ranks on its own, by its own volition.”

Hanson said establishment entities and influential U.S. institutions like Disney, American Airlines and Stanford itself are now the “agents of revolutionary change.”

Such entities, he said, have amassed and consolidated power, wealth and influence and are wielding such to effect a marked shift to the far left in American culture.

“So, it’s a top-down, woke revolution — the establishment against us, the people,” he said.

Host Mark Levin described how the establishment is ushering in “outrageous” political policies in immigration and economics, while “brainwashing” children in public schools to make them believe the slanted view of the country and world the “woke” segment of the population believes.

“They just do it,” Hanson replied. “I mean, the last four directors in succession of the FBI have one thing in common: They’ve either misled Congress or they’ve lied under oath to a federal investigator or they claimed amnesia.” . . .  (read more on Fox News)


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