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Meet The Covid-Obsessed Biden Nominee Who Thinks You Should Suffer For Not Getting An Experimental Shot

. . . . While Tuberville’s critics have baselessly claimed his protest is harming “military readiness,” a deep dive into the background of nominees such as Navy Rear Adm. (lower half) Derek Trinque shows just how valid the senator’s protest is.

In a thread posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Wednesday, the American Accountability Foundation revealed how Trinque — whose promotion was announced by the Defense Department in February — has routinely promoted radical, left-wing views and denigrated those who hold non-leftist opinions, particularly as it relates to Covid.

On Aug. 17, 2021, for example, Trinque “endorsed” an Aug. 2, 2021, New York Times article that encouraged insurance companies to “penaliz[e]” individuals who chose not to get the Covid shot.

The tweet came a day after Trinque lamented Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s Aug. 16, 2021, executive order allowing parents to opt their child out of their local school mask mandate.

In his tweet, Trinque wrote: “Sigh. We are never going to kick this thing.” Despite the rear admiral’s alarmism, children are the least at-risk demographic when it comes to Covid.

But Trinque’s obsession with Covid mandates didn’t stop there. In fact, the rear admiral was a big supporter of Biden’s military Covid vaccine mandate.

He even recorded a video for the Navy encouraging his fellow sailors to get the experimental (and risky) jab months before the mandate was enacted.

“I can’t promise you that if you get the shot, you don’t have to wear a mask. I can’t promise you that you’ll be able to go to liberty ports,” Trinque said. “What I can tell you is that when you get immunized, you protect yourself, you protect those around you [and] you reduce the possibility that your unit will be rendered combat-ineffective by the pandemic.”

In addition to espousing other crazy thoughts about Covid, Trinque appears to be a big fan of Dr. Anthony Fauci. . . .  (read more on The Federalist)

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