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Revealing the Strategies and Tactics of the Marxist Left

This video gives very good insight into the way the Marxist Left always thinks and acts operationally in everything they do, and explains why those on the other side are often uncoordinated–just reacting to attacks that the Left has deliberately provoked for advantage in order to negate them.

Note the military maneuver James Lindsay talks about. Also how organizations (such as professional societies) that would seem impervious to DEI/CRT stuff get infiltrated. Here’s a short excerpt. Is this the way the military was infiltrated?:

(Ironically, the Army Corps of Engineers just put out an article illustrating exactly what the above video is saying about professional societies.)

Lindsay says the Left in their literature actually use the terms ‘virus infection’ as to how they intentionally infiltrate and subvert an institution from within to fundamentally change it.

Lindsay offers solutions:  the antidote to infection is by having unapologetic, deeply rooted values and founding American ideals.

Full video:

Time Codes:

00:00 – Vivek introduces the water balloon analogy to describe the shifting of problems in politics and culture.
00:33 – Critique of Republican politicians for their limited understanding of the culture war.
01:15 – Vivek discusses the rise of the ESG movement and its implications for capitalism.
03:06 – Importance of puncturing the metaphorical water balloon and addressing root issues.
03:32 – Emphasizing understanding the “why” behind actions rather than just focusing on the “what.”
04:24 – The role of accreditation bodies in influencing private schools.
05:09 – Introduction to James Lindsay and their shared intellectual journey.
08:12 – The importance of operational thinking in addressing societal issues.
08:20 – James Lindsay on how Antifa provokes law enforcement to create chaos at protests.
09:15 – Introduction to the tactics manual “Beautiful Trouble.”
10:07 – The principle “Your real action is your target’s reaction” and its relation to operational thinking.
10:57 – Comparison of these tactics to Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” and the importance of understanding the opposition’s strategies.
12:01 – Danger of underestimating opponents who are more strategic and focused on long-term goals.
13:33 – Discussion of the “black pill” mentality, representing a fatalistic view of the future.
15:18 – The importance of not falling into the trap of limited creativity and stepping into pre-set directions.
18:02 – Explanation of how accrediting bodies have been captured by proponents of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
23:21 – Explanation of the Long March through the Institutions strategy and its influence on modern ideologies.
25:21 – Discussion on how the “infection” game only works on individuals susceptible to ideological
00:31:49 – James Lindsay talks about the concept of “legitimation by ology” in a post-modern world, highlighting the use of false logic and consensus for validation.
32:43 – Lindsay explains how the left has weaponized post-modern theories and critical theories, using moral consensus to legitimize their ideas.
33:56 – He highlights how activists strategically target choke points and monopolies of influence, comparing their tactics to wartime strategies.
35:22 – The conversation ties ESG and school choice together, emphasizing the importance of thinking at scale and fighting back legally when necessary.
45:12 – Vivek points out that companies and institutions are rebranding ESG as “sustainable finance” in response to criticism.
45:50 – James and Vivek discuss how CRT proponents use the same tactics, denying its presence in schools and instead claiming they are practicing “culturally relevant teaching.”
47:08 – They mention Greta Thunberg receiving an honorary doctorate of theology, reflecting the religious nature of climate activism.
47:32 – James emphasizes that CRT is the operative concept behind culturally relevant pedagogy and that understanding this connection requires diligent research.

About James Lindsay: James Lindsay is a renowned cultural critic, author, and speaker, best known for his incisive analysis of critical theory, social justice ideologies, and the culture wars. Holding a Ph.D. in mathematics, Lindsay transitioned from academia to focus on examining the philosophical underpinnings and real-world implications of postmodern thought and identity politics. He has co-authored several influential books, including “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody” and “How to Have Impossible Conversations: A Very Practical Guide.” Lindsay’s work has garnered attention from various media outlets, and he frequently shares his insights through public speaking engagements and on his social media platforms (YouTube Channel). As a thought leader, he strives to promote open dialogue, critical thinking, and intellectual honesty in a rapidly changing sociopolitical landscape.

For an advanced deeper dive, see: Re-Remembering the Mis-Remembered Left: The Left’s Strategy and Tactics To Transform America written by former Pentagon intelligence analyst and Army officer Stephen Coughlin

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