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Rep. Roy, Sen. Rubio fight back against the woke politicization of the U.S. military

Congressman Chip Roy (TX-21) on January 31, 2023 introduced the Restoring Military Focus Act, to push back against the Democrats’ politicization of the Department of Defense. Also seeking to eliminate the unnecessary progressive agenda being pushed by the left that undermines the United States military.

This bill will repeal Sec. 913 of the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), eliminate the positions of Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Advisors for Diversity and Inclusion, and prohibit the use of federal funds to establish these positions in the future.

Congressman Roy had the following to say about this legislation:

The Pentagon’s job is to develop our men and women in the Armed Forces into a united, lethal, and battle-ready force to defeat our enemies and defend our interests. It is not supposed to be a woke social engineering experiment wrapped in a uniform. The American people gave House Republicans the power of the purse in November; we need to deliver on our promises and restore mission focus to our Armed Forces.

Senator Marco Rubio introduced similar legislation in the Senate; he had this to say about the bill:

Woke ideology has infected every aspect of American life and culture. It is hurting our kids, tearing apart communities, and weakening our military. Meanwhile, our adversaries are laughing at us. This is crazy and has to stop. I will continue to fight for common sense to be restored to our government and way of life.

The Restoring Military Focus Act is an important and necessary step to push back against the progressive agenda at the Department of Defense. In addition to repealing Sec. 913 of the FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), it will:

  • Eliminate the position of Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer appointed by the Secretary of Defense.
  • Eliminate the Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion appointed by the Secretary of each military department.
  • Prohibit the use of federal funds to establish a Chief Diversity Officer or a Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion at the Department of Defense Not only are these positions a waste of hard-earned tax-payers dollars, but they also undermine and distract from the purpose of the U.S. military.

House co-sponsors of this bill include Reps. Norman, Gosar, Crenshaw, Rosendale, Ogles, Mary Miller (IL), Brecheen, Mills, Bishop, McClintock.

Full text of the legislation can be found here.

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