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Military Members Fighting Vaccine Mandate

Intellectuals podcast host Dr. Ron Scott speaks with military members John Bowes, Rob Green, and Dana Lyon about their fight against the DoD and COVID-19 vaccine mandates. They also discuss alarming trends that are undermining the professionalism of the military.

Dana relates a chilling statement from a cadet: from what he has seen “the Honor Code is for cadets, not the permanent party.”

Dr Ron Scoot, STARRS Pres states: “Deception, disloyalty and injustice threaten the readiness of our armed forces.” Lt Bowes explains there is a manning crisis. Since the mandates came down in August, we have lost 59,000 service members. Just in April, we lost 10,000. Only a few thousand of these have been involuntary separated due to vaccine mandates so far; over 120,000 cases are still pending.

Other concerns and cases of injustice are also discussed.

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