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‘Mean-Spirited’: West Point Denied Travel For Unvaccinated Cadet After Mandate Was Overturned

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point has denied travel requests from an unvaccinated cadet after the Department of Defense complied with Congress’ December 2022 law overturning the military vaccine mandate, an attorney for the cadet and the cadet’s father told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Samuel Conklin is one of about five cadets at West Point whose movement remains restricted under a holdover Army policy issued before the Secretary of Defense formally ordered the military to nix the vaccine requirement, William Conklin, the cadet’s father, told the DCNF.

Administrators have barred the cadet from attending the academy’s Aviation Club meetings at a location 10 miles from base, an activity he hopes will supplement his goal of commissioning into Army aviation, according to Conklin.

“They were locked on base. So it was a complete loss of the freedom that they had patiently worked through and — the cadets feel like — earned and were entirely justified for last semester,” Conklin told the DCNF.

R. Davis Younts, who is representing Conklin to push back on West Point administrative actions, confirmed to the DCNF that West Point had denied the cadet’s travel requests.

West Point unofficially relaxed enforcement of the policy restricting official travel in the fall semester of 2022, Conklin said. His son and other unvaccinated cadets operated with relative freedom, so the recent denials for official travel came as a surprise to the cadets. . . . (Read more on the Daily Caller)

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