Interview with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

Dr. Ron Scott hosted an interview with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on CD Media’s series, “The Intellectuals.”

Dr. Jasser is a first-generation American, born to Syrian parents who fled to the United States after the 1963 revolution in which the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party seized power in Syria.

Dr. Jasser went to medical school on a Navy scholarship and served in the US Navy for 11 years.

He is still a practicing internist and cardiologist, but speaks publicly on political Islam, or Islamism. Islamists want to take over countries’ governments in order to replace their previous legal systems with Sharia Law.

Dr. Jasser advocates strongly for the “separation of mosque and state.”

In the interview, Dr. Jasser talks about Islamist radicalism in America, as well as what he calls the “Red-Green Axis” which is an alliance between Marxism and Islamism.

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