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Highest Military Awards Must Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns, DOD Says

More demoralizing efforts?

Change 5 to the Manual of Military Decorations and Awards took effect on Aug. 7, 2023, and hardly anyone noticed.

That is until last week, when the Office of the Secretary of Defense returned the draft citation for the end-of-tour award for none other than the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, four-star Army Gen. Mark Milley.

Because of Change 5, Milley’s citation must use the pronoun “themself” instead of “himself.”

Page 49 of the revised manual includes draft language for awards, such as this (emphasis added):

Superior Meritorious Service (e.g., PCS and Retirement awards): (Rank) First M. Last, Jr., United States (Military Service), distinguished themself by superior meritorious service in a position of significant responsibility as (position and duty assignment), from (month year) to (month year).

The revised rules, found in Department of Defense Manual 1348.33, Volume 4, will apply to the most prestigious joint awards given by the Department of Defense, including:

  • the Defense Distinguished Service Medal,
  • the Defense Superior Service Medal,
  • the Defense Meritorious Service Medal,
  • the Joint Service Commendation Medal,
  • the Joint Service Achievement Medal, and
  • the Joint Meritorious Unit Award.

Aside from the fact that the use of the pronoun “themself” is grammatically incorrect and just plain stupid sounding, it is insulting to every service man and service women in the armed forces.

There are two sexes: male and female.

When a member of the U.S. armed forces earns a military decoration or award, he or she deserves to be recognized in that member’s official citation by the pronoun “he” or “she,” not some woke, grammatically incorrect pronoun demanded by elitist Biden administration apparatchiks. . . . . (read more on Daily Signal)


  • The military is an all volunteer service, not a proving ground for diversity woke experiments. The military is a captive audience as we cannot complain and are therefore guinea pigs for these types of change. This HAS TO STOP and it not, it will destroy the military and as goes the military, so goes the country.

  • I don’t know where these clowns come from that want to infuse the military with all this distracting nonsense. It’s politics, plain and simple. Politics ruins everything it touches. It has no integrity. It makes weak people shutter. Those delusional people who go along with the equity and equality ruse just to be with the loud crowd will destroy the pride and traditions our military if allowed to continue.

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