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Former Green Beret warns of extreme narrative pushed into the military and US institutions

Former Green Beret Ivan Raiklin argued on a recent episode of “Tucker Carlson Today” on Fox Nation that the military has moved away from its focus, which he says is to win wars and defend the United States Constitution.

Raiklin, a former lieutenant colonel, retired from the military after serving for 25 years because the Pentagon began promoting vaccine mandates and equity training. He stressed to host Tucker Carlson that in order to defend the nation’s Constitution, one must know what the Constitution says.  . . .

. . . . Raiklin argued that the media and all three branches of federal government, including at the state level, have pushed a certain narrative into our institutions “to make people think that this is actually — that the extremism thing is a thing, and it only applies to one side of the political ideology.”

The former Green Beret reveals that because of pressure and the idea that those in his network will be fired from their positions or lose job benefits over speaking out against the woke political agenda, it forces them to remain silent, even if that means having to go against their own values and beliefs.

“So, in a sense, some folks are convinced that that’s true, even though it’s not. It’s not based on fact,” Raiklin told “Tucker Carlson Today.”

“Others know that critical thinkers — I would say a majority of my network is in the special ops and intel community and those that are even —  lean left of center. When I present the evidence in a very deliberate, systematic manner, they know where I stand ideologically. They’ll agree with the conclusion, which does not align with what’s being promulgated at the top.”

“But they don’t want to lose their job. They don’t want to lose their benefits,” he continued. “It all comes down to that. It all comes down to safety, security and they’re willing to bend and budge on their moral, ethical and even legal principles.” . . . (read more)

“They don’t want to lose their job. They don’t want to lose their benefits. It all comes down to that. It all comes down to safety, security and they’re willing to bend and budge on their moral, ethical and even legal principles.”

What People are Saying

(comments from the article and videos)

“He is not wrong. I am a GB like him and I was flat out told get the shot, or lose my retirement. Accept the CRT and my whiteness. for the senior SOF members it is widely known that the first thing they threaten you with is your retirement and benefits. it’s a horrible place to be to have to compromise your own values, at the pressure of toxic leaders, for the love of providing for your family after 23 years. because that is the leverage, they hold the future of you family hostage. the retirement and benefits are just the means (the weapon) the know will work.”

“I’m a United States Marine for life and have been since 1949. The reports of what’s happening in our military is very hard for me to handle.”

“As a Marine I can personally tell you that the USMC is going woke and it started in the early 2000s, then got much worse under the obama days are coming back for another round.”

“Army here, 1978-80. Those Special Ops guys are the experts, they know. And he’s right. We had all races, we had gays, even back then. Nobody cared, we are one team, with one overall function. Not anymore. Thanks for having the stones to say it in a platform where people will read and understand just what is happening. The weakening of our military is the globalist plan as well.”

“Proud to have served when there were men and women working together to keep our freedom. Hard to understand why this administration would want to destroy the spirit needed to fight together as a family to protect our nation.”

“today’s military is a joke, when I served 82-88 we had none of this stuff. we addressed officer’s as yes mam and yes sir, it was not a democracy. so sad, my youngest daughter wanted to join the army, I talked her out of it. the PT test is a joke from what I hear.”

“This is disturbing. I served in the USMC in the mid 80s and to see what our beloved Corps has become is saddening.”

“I took an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. It says nothing about defending woke policy or that I should be ashamed of my race. I served with a lot of blacks who would defend me as I would defend them. In war we all bleed red. In these times, I would be very hesitant to join the military because of what is happening.”

“As a Drill Instructor x2 I’m absolutely disgusted and disappointed in our MC.”

“As a prior service member that was deployed and served in two wars this makes me laugh and sick at the same time. What a load of crap.”

“I’m a vietnam vet ; I’m so ashame of our military : and its so sad !”

“I would seriously discourage my kids from joining today’s military. And my family has long been involved with the armed forces.”

“I spent 23 year’s in the Army, I’m happy I retired when I did. These good idea fairies are destroying our war fighters”

“As a veteran, I’m completely disgusted with what’s happening to our military.”

“I wouldn’t recommend the military to anyone. I used to and I joined in 1982.”

“I’m glad I served when I did. At the present time, I would not want to enter the military.”

“When you are a soldier, you’re part of a group, with one common goal, defend our country and your fellow soldier , defeat the enemy. Our government seems to be undermining that thought process and weakening the rank and file. When you go into battle, you go in as one solid board. Not as a splintered piece of wood.”

“When I served in the Army, every promotion board I appeared before or served on had at least one question on the Federal Constitution and another on American history as it related to the military. I would not volunteer to serve on the Biden-Harris military.”

“Retire Combat Engineer officer here, and I am so, SO grateful I am not in now. I would be a walking Article 15!”

“It’s sad to say it but our young adults should steer well clear of military service they don’t need the brain washing. ”

“Anybody else tired of this? Anybody that served should be…”

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