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Current World Events as Backdrop, Reminds Americans and Former Senior Military Officers of Purpose of STARRS

“On-going military conflicts In Israel and Western Europe, plus anti-Israel, pro-Hamas protests in America, should remind the public of why STARRS is critical and a ‘must go to’ resource in today’s complex geo-political world,” according to STARRS President & CEO, Dr. Ron Scott (Colonel, USAF, Ret.).

“The mission of STARRS and the non-profit’s leadership and members is to educate and call out unlawful and harmful policies and practices in the US military that impact national defense readiness. This includes the radical/racist CRT/DEI/Woke agenda that is found among the Services,” he said.

Given the current racist ideological division in America that is impacting military readiness, Scott asks the question, “Why do we not hear from more of our retired generals and admirals, especially when this ideology and current world events might threaten the moral fabric of our armed forces?”

Speaking out can be risky, he said. “Some STARRS leaders have been doing that longer than most,” he added.

For example, consider Mike Rose, STARRS’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel. Rose graduated from the US Air Force Academy (1969), New York University School of Law, and Harvard Business School. Rose is also a former four-term South Carolina State Senator. In 1974, he documented and published evidence of illegal practices at U.S. Services academies. Use this link to learn more.

One of his significant findings was that the academies sometimes violated laws by denying cadets and midshipmen their Constitutional rights of “due process.” Rose explains this during his 1974 60 Minutes interview with Maury Safer, which can be viewed here.

More recently, Rose spoke to a “Take Charge Minnesota gathering.” In the speech, he gave evidence of racism and radicalism at the Air Force Academy. Watch this speech here.

“It takes courage to promote truth and justice like Rose has exemplified,” Scott said. A recent STARRS initiative to reach out to retired generals and admirals to remind them that they can play a crucial role by speaking out (see Open Letter to Flag Officers: “Houston–We Have a Problem” | STARRS) can be viewed at

According to Scott, with the backdrop of world events that put many of our great servicemen and women in harm’s way, STARRS will continue to appeal forcefully to the Nation’s retired generals and admirals. “We are asking them to ‘bear true faith and allegiance’ to the Constitution we all swore to support and defend,” Scott said.

Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc., is a group of retired military members and other patriots dedicated to ensuring the U.S. military remains the greatest fighting force globally. STARRS’ mission is to help educate our fellow Americans regarding the criticality of having a military that focuses solely on the essential readiness needed to fight and win our Nation’s wars. Winning requires a military that provides equal opportunity and a meritocracy leadership system that rewards high standards, ethical character, teamwork, and selfless service to our Nation. This mission accomplishment requires the elimination of DEI from the DoD by informing people about all ideologies, policies, agendas, and organizations that threaten a unified, meritocracy-based military. STARRS has members across the United States., or 719.482.5997.

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