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BOOK REVIEW: Taboo: 10 Facts You Can’t Talk About

Review by STARRS Member Brent Ramsey

Taboo deftly exposes the media’s dishonest promotion of the white racism meme with clear writing, humor, and facts. Explodes the myth of police mass murder of Blacks using the Washington Post’s data. Cites DOJ data proving Black violent crime is 2.4X the white rate.

Exposes mass media hiding that 84% of violent crime is Black on white. Proves Blacks are 9X more likely to be murdered by another Black.

A refreshing break from the false picture about racism painted by the media, academia, Hollywood, and big business.

Destroys BLM’s reason for existence showing that 17 unarmed Blacks are killed by on average in any given year, an infinitesimal rate.

75% Black illegitimacy rate, no-fault divorce, outsourcing of blue-color jobs, ineffective inner-city policing, and pay-per-child welfare are explained as causative of Black plight not racism.

This is a must read for truth seekers about today’s hot button issues.

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Wilfred Reilly has done an excellent job of refuting, with hard numbers, many of the lies of the left and right that permeate today’s society. He does so in an easily understood, lighthearted manner that makes reading his book a pleasure.

If you have an interest in learning the truth, this book is an excellent place to begin. Then cut off the entertainment/news/social media and think for yourself. A great book with a lot to think about. Over the past two months, since George Floyd’s murder and BLM protests have been sweeping across the US of A, I have been given a list of podcasts, books, articles, movies and blog posts to consume – almost as required reading. As I’ve delved into these lists, I’ve encountered emotional appeals and stories. Empirical data was light and ambiguous. Reading Taboo, on the other hand, gave a lot of hard data, and conclusions to think about.

Reilly cuts right down the middle. He follows the data and is highly critical of both the hard-left and alt-right.

If you are needing facts and data on IQ scores, crime, college demographics – all based on race – this is the book for you.

Reilly paints of spectrum of issues and variables for people to consider – a breath of fresh air when compared to the binary view on skin color many people would want us baited into these days. There are literally hundreds of other variables to consider when it comes to successful living, crime, IQ scores, college admissions and career data. While race is a factor, it is not the prime one. In fact, race(ism) only accounts for maybe 1 or 2 percent in many of these issues. Time and time again, Reilly rips apart alt-right and hard-left narratives about race.

In sum – a great, informative book; one I’ll be referencing for quite some time.

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