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Army Secretary Dragged For Prioritizing ‘Resiliency In The Face Of Climate Change’

United States Army Secretary Christine E. Wormuth took some heat via Twitter when she boasted on Thursday that the Army was prioritizing a plan to combat climate change.

Wormuth revealed that Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was home to the largest floating solar array — solar panels that float on the surface of a body of water while tethered to the bottom — in the southeastern United States, and she argued that was proof of the military’s leadership when it came to climate change.

Critics were quick to respond to Wormuth’s tweet, with a number arguing that the military should not be prioritizing climate action over combat readiness and preparing new recruits for potential future battles.

“This is completely and totally asinine, bordering on dangerous,” Army Ranger veteran Sean Parnell tweeted in response. “Just not much more to say about it & if you can’t see why this is dangerous I can’t help you.” . . . (read more on Daily Wire)

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