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Army recruiters now boldly advertising that no Covid vaccination is required to join military

First the Army releases a recruitment video with all white males.

NOW their recruitment flyers show above all other incentives in a bold headline that the Covid vax is “NOT REQUIRED”.

Must finally be getting the hint.

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(Original source: @samosaur on X/Twitter)

Army recruiters now boldly advertising that no Covid vaccination is required to join military (Must Read Alaska, 15 Nov 23)

U.S. Army recruiters have updated their recruitment posters to emphasize the removal of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate, aiming to boost enlistment numbers.

The move comes after the Biden Administration’s vaccine requirement, which was in place since August, 2021, was rescinded in January, 2023, after recruiting numbers had faltered significantly.

The vaccine mandate, lasting only 15 months, marked a unique period in U.S. military history as it was the first time a vaccine requirement was reversed.

The mandate’s cancellation was influenced by arguments from many Republicans, who claimed that the mandate negatively impacted military recruitment and retention.

Despite the mandate’s repeal, the response from previously discharged service members has been tepid.

Of the over 8,000 service members who were discharged for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine, only 43 have rejoined the military in the eight months following the repeal.

A breakdown of the reenlistment numbers reveals that 19 rejoined the Army, 12 returned to the Marines, while the Navy saw two and Air Force saw one reenlistment.

Pilots have been especially reluctant to take the shot because of reports of heart problems that arise as a result of the vaccine, problems that may disqualify them from commanding an aircraft.

Department of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was forced to remove the requirement due to the passage of the James M. Inhofe National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023.

Some who left the military are not returning because the vaccine mandate, combined with an increased emphasis on “woke” values have left them with qualms about serving altogether.

Some comments:

“I wonder how many times SSG Thompson was told “no thanks” because the potential recruits didn’t want the shots. Interesting!”
–“She put it on there because she was told no thanks A LOT.” (@samosaur)

“Nobody trusts that statement. Every young person I’ve talked to (all male) believes it’s just temporary. Many point out how the Army (DOD) is circumventing Congress on abortion. They think it’s only a matter of time until a “new” vaccine comes out and the DOD end run’s Congress.”

“NOT REQUIRED”. Fine print “until the next seasonal virus with similar mortality to influenza circulates and a combination of the desire to weaponize it against a political opponent with public opinion analysis causes us to require it in the future.”

“Not required.. till they decide it is again… they killed recruitment, intentionally.”

“Vax not required to enlist, but if you don’t while you’re on contract, we’ll recoup your training costs & travel expenses”

“Except to deploy. So eventually they will make you.”

“The military also realized that a percentage of their recruits had side effects or heart damage and the experiment failed.”

“It’s still a hard no. That will change once they enlist. The US government in its current form isn’t worth risking injury or life to defend.”

“What about those military people who were discharged for refusing the jab?”

“At no point in time will the Department of the Army (DA) give two turds what SSG Thompson promised them, once they sign away their rights.”

“Not required until the next time the US Gov gets a bug up it’s ass and compels personnel to get injected with some crap-cine. Then follows months and maybe years of harassment, non-promotability, and dishonorable discharge! Enlist kids, it’ll be fun!”

“Of course it’s not required. It’s not until it is. Trust is gone.”

“I know GWOT SOF bros who go out due to vaccine. They’ve told me hundreds left. And that’s in units where there aren’t a lot of guys.”
–“And they’re still leaving. Just waiting for their enlistment to expire.”

“No Covid Vax, No mandatory DEI training, and No trannies. That would be a start, but I think the damage is done.”

“Working with an USAF Reservist, whose being kicked out, ie medical boarded, due to the shot basically disabling her.”

“Had a family member that got out of the service over the vax visit last week. He’s a respectful, tough young man. Exactly who we want in the military. Way to go @JoeBiden”

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