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American Citizens Should Support the NDAA

STARRS (Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services) is requesting Americans contact their elected representatives and senators regarding the content of the FY2024 National Defense Authorization Act.

“Language in the NDAA needs to promote meritocracy within the US military,” said Dr. Ron Scott, Colonel (USAF-Ret.) and STARRS President and CEO. “This action is extremely important today with the increased global tensions while America’s armed forces face recruiting issues.”

“Identity preferences – at the expense of merit – are determining admissions to our service academies, prioritizing who is selected for pilot training, and influencing selections for command and promotion,” he added.

A pre-written email is available to inform senators and representatives to vote on amendments supporting military merit. Click here.

Chairman of the STARRS board of directors, Lieutenant General (USAF, retired) Rod Bishop, said, “Americans want our military to be led by the very best leaders–selection based on merit & ability. Anything else risks the lives of our service members and our national security.”

Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc., is a group of retired military members and patriots dedicated to ensuring the U.S. military remains the greatest fighting force globally. STARRS’ mission is to help educate our fellow Americans regarding the criticality of having a military that focuses solely on the essential readiness needed to fight and win our Nation’s wars. Winning requires a military that provides equal opportunity and a meritocracy leadership system that rewards high standards, ethical character, teamwork, and selfless service to our Nation. This mission accomplishment requires the elimination of DEI from the DoD by informing people about all ideologies, policies, agendas, and organizations that threaten a meritocracy-based military. STARRS has members across the United States., or 719.482.5997.

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