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Air Force gets ratio’d by pride tweet; angry vets comment

The US Air Force Twitter account posted a tweet celebrating pride month with an image of a soldier saluting the alphabet rainbow flag.

Comments on the tweet made by civilians and military people were overwhelmingly — called the “ratio” on Twitter — angry that a soldier would salute anything other than the United States flag.

The comments were so not in favor of the Air Force’s tweet that the Air Force turned off the ability to comment. The tweet was ratio’d pretty bad and even though official government thinks it’s great to “celebrate” pride, the People do not agree and are sick of this woke agenda constantly being shoved down their throats.

Below are comments on the tweet made by military people which show what they think. National security elite of DC pay attention.

“As a retired Air Force officer I am humiliated by the state of the service. No credible American and no actual Airmen would salute anything but the American flag. Celebrating a military member saluting a pride flag is not just embarrassing it is traitorous. The current senior leadership are no more than a group of Aldrich Ames clones with a few Harvey Milks/Ed Bucks mixed in. Everyone involved in putting this messaging out should have their clearance revoked & face Article 15 procedures. You have all failed in your responsibility and your oath to the US Constitution. Ridiculous and embarrassing.”

“Retired Army Colonel. Saluting any flag other than the National Flag is a partisan action, which clearly violates the UCMJ. Just stop it.”

“Retired USAF SNCO, and it’s just embarrassing. Where is the leadership in the military who doesn’t care about virtue signaling, and cares more about having the most effective Air Power available for defending this Nation in volatile times?”

Retired Air Force Security Forces: “Hap Arnold and Curtis LeMay must be spinning in their graves!”

“Hey @usairforce — wtf is this garbage? My father was in the Air Force and was proud of it until the day he died. He’s be sickened to see a meme depicting an Air Force member saluting with an ideological flag prominent. What on God’s green Earth is WRONG with you?”

Retired Marine: “While the brave patriots of this country celebrate and honor those fallen and wounded during the Normandy invasion and operation Overlord you post this?”

“My husband served 20+ years for this? You are disgraceful.”

“I am so grateful that my husband, after 20 years of serving, is no longer a part of the USAF. My Dad who served 30 years would be devastated.”

Matt Lohmeier: “The US military celebrates religious and political agendas at the detriment of readiness and morale.”

Army vet: “Are you not embarrassed yet? Who approves an image of a service member saluting anything except their national colors? Disgraceful.”

Marine vet: “I’m so embarrassed of our country. You can have my medals, DD214, and uniforms, and burn them.”

USAF retired: “You are an embarrassment and I feel shame for having served under you.”

“This makes me embarrassed to be an Air Force veteran. Damn Air Force do better.”

“My boys will Not be enlisting!”

Retired Navy CDR and aviator: “We have one flag. The American Flag. Shame on you clowns….”

USAF / USMC Veteran: “You people disgust me. This is not the Air Force I served in. The AF I served in didn`t cater to men pretending to be women, or drag queens sashaying around. You take your eye off the ball, you`ll lose any future wars.”

Retired USAF: “When I was in from 81-88 there was nothing but PRIDE for the USA and Pride for the USAF.  They are broken.”

USAF ret: “I served for 23 years active duty. I’m embarrassed.”

Navy: “This is what happens when Biden’s wokesters in the DoD run our service PR. All the branches are getting it. And they have the nerve to wonder why recruiting stays in the toilet. This only drives away the families who’ve sent their sons and daughters to the military, generation after generation.”

“My amazing patriot father dedicated his life to the United States Air Force. He missed the first year of my life serving, as well as my eighth year. Seeing this puts my heart in my throat.”

“They turned the comments off. Even the organizations who shove this crap down our throats realize how sick of it we all are, but they do it anyway and just make it so nobody can speak on it. My daughter had dreams of joining the military, and now she wants nothing to do with it because of the agenda. She wants to fight for her country; not whatever the hell this is.”

“As a 23 year @usairforce vet I’m absolutely appalled by this! The only flag we salute is the AMERICAN flag! The pandering has to stop!”

US Army vet: “Hey @usairforce wtf are you doing?? This is seditious at best and it’s no wonder you can’t meet recruiting goals – who in their right minds would salute a flag that is not the flag of our country???”

“I’m a 20 year veteran of the @usairforce . This is embarrassing to have a silhouette of an airman saluting with this #PrideMonth. Hell it’s embarrassing as a whole. It’s a joke, & virtue signaling. For shame. I salute only one flag.”

“How embarrassing for this once great force. I saluted the Red White and Blue. I served the USAF with honor. Never had I saluted any other flag. Shame! This is against the UCMJ!”

“As an Army vet married to a 12 year US Airforce vet, I find the state of our military laughable. Not only that, but this post having a soldier salute a flag about sexual preferences is sickening, and no soldier should be saluting any flag but the US. Do better chair force.”

“I didn’t serve in what was once the world’s greatest Air Force to be saluting flags for the mentally ill and be locked out of commenting.”

“I’m officially ashamed to be an airman at this point. You’ve lost your sense of mission, deciding to signal virtue to score cheap points.”

“I just blocked the US Air Force I served for 31 years…and there was almost a drag show at Nellie AFB….WTF are you thinking? I’m so ashamed of our senior leadership……”

“I’m from a family of Air Force and I’ve never been more ashamed.”

“Screw the ENTIRE U.S. military leadership. As a veteran, (& the wife, daughter, granddaughter, niece & cousin of veterans,) I am completely ashamed of our entire military complex. I will never encourage another person to serve. You are a disgrace @usairforce!”

“I served these United States on multiple continents for eight years. Seeing what my beloved Air Force has become hurts my heart. This ain’t the freedom we’ve been fighting for, it was something more”.
This isn’t America anymore.”

“This is another reason why I will not let my children be in the @usairforce. Ever.”

“I’m humiliated and furious! Not the Air Force I joined…”

“As a USAF veteran, this sickens me. We fought for one flag, one America. People are free to be who they are without the pandering. Fly the American flag and remove ALL others!”

“Ugh… yeah and I’m prior USAF.. FOCUS ON THE MISSION, YOU IDIOTS!!!”

“This is not the Air Force I joined and served in.”

“As a retired member of the Air Force, this is against everything the military stands for. How dare you picture a service member saluting the alphabet salad flag. We all contributed our service. This is outrageous propaganda that has nothing to do with oath that you swore.”

“As an Air Force veteran, let me say that this version of the USAF are freaking COWARDS.”

“I hope the gays and transgenders are signing up in droves. My family’s long history of military service is over.”

And a few from others not in the military:

“The message this sends to the world is “Please conquer America. We are virtually defenseless as our military has been hobbled by the implementation of Marxist ideology.”

“The whole point of serving in the armed forces is to recognize that you’re protecting something greater than yourself. Celebrating soldiers based on their sexual preferences and not their merit is extremely reckless.”

“Disgusting projection of weakness to our enemies that our military has been infiltrated and overthrown by the American hating Communists, who use the code word Woke to try to hide their true mission and agenda, and that is to destroy America from within!!”

“In 100 years, this will be displayed in an exhibit called, “How America Fell.”

“After a massive backlash, they’ve turned off replies. If they can’t handle Twitter, you think they can handle China?”

“Remember folks, the @usairforce will be able to take on Russia… China… Iran. They just can’t handle an open reply section.”

Read more, from the Comments and also the Quote Tweets:

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  • As yet another former member of the USAF, I am embarrassed, offended and deeply disgusted by the posture of senior officers foregoing their duty to the constitution and the gallant history of our service to permit such disgusting trash to enter into our ranks.

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