What is Wrong with the Military’s Vaccine Mandates?

As time goes on and more data from the general public, medical field and scientific research breaks through the censorship filters, it is becoming clear that the beneficial period of the vaccines is in the distant past and the documented cases of adverse reactions (including thousands of deaths) are drastically increasing, tipping the cost-benefit analysis away from vaccine mandates.

This travesty persists notwithstanding the question of the legality of mandating (and punishing people for non-compliance) an emergency-use authorized vaccine.

Key issues to consider:

1. The currently available vaccines were developed to combat a variant that has long since disappeared as the virus mutated;

2. Full human trials have yet to be completed for the original versions, let alone recent updated formulas, hence the only available vaccines are still under Emergency Use Authorizations, so the mandates are illegal;

3. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) databases show astronomical adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines compared to all other other vaccines combined;

4. All-cause death rates, especially in younger demographics, have skyrocketed since the introduction of the vaccines;

5. Vaccine injuries, the sidelining/discharging of thousands of service members, and the fact that 40 percent of American youth 17-24 have not received the vaccine and hence not eligible to enlist logically must be having a greater negative impact on readiness than the service members contracting the virus itself;

6. Scientific data is demonstrating that the vaccines are having a significant adverse impact on the immune system, increasing the risk to everyone from all causes of illness and disease.

The articles and video interviews exposing these concerns are multiplying but being suppressed by the government, not reported by the majority of media outlets and ignored by most of the medical establishment. WHY?

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