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What Critical Race Theory is Really About

By Chris Jeffries, USAFA 1987

When I first joined STARRS, I had no idea what Critical Race Theory (CRT) was. But friends and classmates from the Air Force Academy who I respect gave me an introduction and I started learning. As I read through the articles in the newsletter, I found that we have a wealth of information that provides a counter argument to that presented by CRT exponents.

But it wasn’t until I read Gen Bishop’s letter to USAFA Superintendent LTG Clark, that I understood why this battle is so important.

In it, he said that when Marxism didn’t take hold in the west, Marxists progressed from Critical Theory through Critical Legal Theory to Critical Race Theory. Because the concepts of “oppressor vs oppressed” didn’t resonate in the US, leftists here morphed the ideology to use race as the dividing factor.

After this “aha moment,” I decided to write an article on how CRT is being used as a trojan horse to get Marxist ideas taught in schools, corporations, the government, and the military under the guise of understanding racism in America. As I was researching my theme, I found that someone (Christopher F. Rufo) had already written an excellent article on the subject, and it was published in the New York Post.

Mr. Rufo is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and his article gives a brief but thorough expose’ of CRT. He starts with a history of Marxism, then proceeds to explain how CRT came about. He quotes CRT exponents to reveal what their end goals are. These include the redistribution of land, property and wealth as well as overturning the Declaration of Independence and destroying the Constitution.

He gives many examples to show widespread CRT is in our society. He explains why attempts to halt the advancement of CRT have been ineffective thus far. He concludes with some ideas on how to counter CRT when confronted with it in our own lives. If you want a better understanding of “what Critical Race Theory is really about” click the link below.

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