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Tommy Tuberville is Right: Joe Biden Shouldn’t Make Americans Fund Abortion Travel

Leftist leaders of the military are on the rampage against pro-life Senator Tommy Tuberville today because he continues to fight against Joe Biden’s abortion tourism.

When Joe Biden announced the new policy to make Americans fund abortion tourism, Senator Tommy Tuberville made the decision to block all military nominations until the policy was reversed.

Instead of reversing the policy, the Biden administration continued forcing Americans to fund abortion.

While Biden and the media claim Tuberville is to blame for the lack of approved military nominees, Democrats could have approved the nominees one at a time. – because all Tuberville is doing is blocking a vote on all of them at the same time.

Senate Democrats could bring up the nominations – and approve the two nominees today if they really wanted to do so.

Today, civilian leaders of the Navy, the Air Force, Space Force, and Army took to the op-ed page of the Washington Post to accuse Tuberville of “putting our national security at risk.”

They continue making false claims that Tuberville’s pro-life stance is somehow hurting the military.

However, as one columnist for the Washington Examiner points out, Tuberville is right. Not only should Americans not be forced to fund abortion travel but Tuberville’s position is not hurting America’s military.

Conn Carroll writes that Democrats could easily approve key members of military leadership today, and they could have approved those leaders for months.

But they want to trash Tuberville and his pro-life stance instead. . . .

. . . . “Coach’s position has not changed,” Tuberville’s office told Fox News Digital on Friday. “The hold will stay on as long as it takes.”

“It ends when the Biden administration stops their illegal use of taxpayer dollars to facilitate abortion. Coach would lift the hold immediately in such a scenario,” it added.

Democrats claim that Tuberville’s actions are hurting the military, but the senator contends that’s not the case.

Tuberville told CNA that if the holdup in promotions was having a negative effect on U.S. military capability, he would be taking a different approach. “If I thought this would affect readiness, I wouldn’t be doing this,” he said. “Readiness is not a problem.”

He cited as an example Gen. Eric Smith, who, though he hasn’t been officially promoted, is currently performing the duties of the Marine Corps commandant in an acting role.

Thousands of veterans recently supported Tuberville in a letter to members of Congress. . . . (read more on LifeSite News)

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