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The United States: Most Racist Nation Ever?

By Brent Ramsey, Capt USN, ret and Michael Pefley, Col, USAF, ret
STARRS Officers

Those that allege the U.S. is a racist nation often cite income disparities between whites and other ethnicities.  That’s the narrative that propels the Critical Race Theory initiative that has countless numbers of whites groveling and suffering from irredeemable guilt. White fragility and anti-racism pressures have brainwashed the Woke into endemic guilt over their white skin.

Are minorities at the bottom of the income scale due to systemic racism?  Hardly!  2020 Census Bureau data shows in stark terms, at least eight non-white ethnic groups do better than the average American, including Whites.

Can the paucity of mixed-race marriages be an indicator racist country? How can it be that racist America has a 10% rate of marriages that are of mixed race? This percentage has been steadily rising over the years. In 2021 15% of all marriages were mixed race. And, according to Gallup an overwhelming majority of 94% of Americans approve of mixed marriages.

The demographics of America is more diverse than ever and keeps going up year by year. If this were a truly a racist nation, Americans would not show up in droves every time to help their fellow citizens, no matter their race, after a disaster. America has 146 million people that identify as ethnic minorities. The continued lie that the U.S. is a racist nation is a repeated narrative from progressive groups, media, academia, and entertainment and it isn’t true.

If the U.S. is racist, how could we welcome so many people from different ethnicities, races and cultures? You sure can’t tell it from U.S. immigration policy. In the data from the Census Bureau, as of 2016, the foreign-born population was in excess of 43 million of which only 8 million are white (18.6%). Why would America welcome millions of non-whites from all over the world to our shores if we were racist through and through?

In the area of advanced degrees, 63% of the Masters degrees in 2020 were granted to whites and 37% were granted to minorities. According to the 2020 Census, the white/minority demographic was 61.3% versus 38.7%. The numbers above show that the American higher education system is clearly not racist.

According to Brookings, the liberal think tank, the diversity of the nation’s middle class matches the overall diversity of the nation. There has been dramatic progress over the past 40 years to the point where middle-class diversity is a representative overlay matching the national demographic percentages. Opportunity exists for our citizens to rise to the middle class and higher without constraints or bias due to racism holding people back.

On February 26, 2021, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released the Fiscal Year 2020 Enforcement and Litigation Data. Their statistics demonstrate the extreme rarity of discrimination in the U.S. contrary to the constant beating of the drum in the press about rampant racism.

EEOC received charges of workplace discrimination in FY 2020 was down roughly 7% from 2019. In drastic contrast, the agency received five times the number of charges in 2010. Where residual racism is found, it is investigated and adjudicated in accordance with the laws.

What about racism in holding public office as a member of Congress? At the seating of the 117th Congress, there were 124 minority members, a 97% increase in minority members in the House of Representatives since the Congress of 2001-2003.

With respect to law enforcement, 12.1% of the police in the U.S. are black. The black population of the U.S. stands at 12.5%.

Regarding military composition, Task Force One Navy reported that in 2021, the U. S. military had a minority representation at 43% versus a national demographic of 39%.

The mainstream media, social media, academia, entertainment industry are lying to the American public about “pervasive racism.” Instead of telling the truth about how far we have come, how much racism is a thing of the past, how much opportunity and equality abounds in our land, they lie, obfuscate and parrot talking points about racism that are fabrications and not supported by fact.

There is an evil and dishonest breed of people who make their living from spreading lies about racism in America.

Many are in academia, and they make their living telling lies to sell books and give highly compensated speeches about how racist a nation that they live in while they rake in millions of dollars. There are also many “race hustlers” in the media and they have the same modus operandi as the academics who label everyone that they disagree with as racist. This while they spread exaggerated stories about racism in a constant deluge to foment unrest and chaos.

There is ample, legitimate scholarship about college admissions, employment opportunity, cultural factors by race, and the negative impacts of the welfare state on the state of the races in America today. The popular press promotes victimology for even the most entitled and richest black people.

For a reality check about true opportunity in America, read the scholarship of Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Glenn Loury, Dr. Jason Hill, Dr. Shelby Steele, Dr. Wilfred Reilly, Dr. Carol Swain, or Robert Woodson, Sr.

There is a common myth promoted by the left and the media (Okay — that was redundant) that unarmed blacks are being preyed on by the police in large numbers.

The Marxist Black Lives Matter (that has at the national organization level done little to nothing for poor blacks) movement is one of the purveyors of this lie. Actual DoJ data is confirmed by multiple independent sources, including the Washington Post, that the numbers of unarmed blacks killed by police each year is tiny.

An unarmed black person is much more at risk of being killed by lightning each year than they are to be killed by a police officer. In fact, the data shows that a black person is 400 times more likely to be killed by another black than to be killed by a policeman. Another truth largely unknown and completely untold by the left and the media is that crime is largely either white on white or black on black.

In conclusion, too many Americans are deceived into thinking race relations and racism are big problems in the nation. As in George Orwell’s 1984, if a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes a truth. Those baseless stories are what the left, the media, academia, big business, and Hollywood want you to believe.

Actual racism in our country is rare and getting rarer. No one is allowed under the law to act on racist leanings or to harm/discriminate against another person.  Discrimination through voter suppression has become a thing of the past. Those things are dead and gone notwithstanding the left and the media are trying their hardest to bring them back to life. CRT, BLM, DIE are all initiatives attempting to separate us. Americans are all equal under the law.

How long will it take for America to believe and shut down those that claim the USA is a racist nation?

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