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The Left’s Religion: Politician says DEI is “God”

By Everett Piper

This week’s news from the frontline of the culture wars comes from Oklahoma, where a Republican state legislator named Chad Caldwell watched a bill he sponsored to give parents online access to their sons’ and daughters’ public school curricula go down in flames. The vote was 24-8 to defeat it.

How could this happen in a red state like Oklahoma? Why would a legislative committee of 26 Republicans and only six Democrats vote against simply giving moms and dads access to their children’s textbooks and library material?

If you consider the debate leading to the defeat of Mr. Caldwell’s bill, you might find the answer.

Just before 24 of 32 committee members voted against parental involvement and curriculum transparency in Oklahoma schools, Democratic Rep. Regina Goodwin said that the bill was “very disturbing, to say the least. … We have … a state superintendent who does not want anything to do with diversity, equity and inclusion. DEI is a deity; diversity, equity and inclusion is God.”

After this comment, the chair called for a vote, and 18 Republicans, along with six Democrats, bowed in homage to Ms. Goodwin’s “God.”

So, what exactly is DEI, and what does this deity (to use Ms. Goodwin’s words) demand of us?

First, the goddess of DEI is divisive.

It is driven by dividing rather than uniting. The entire agenda is grounded in us against them, you against me, Blacks against Whites, men against women, the 99% against the 1%. This is textbook balkanization. Its goal is a divided state of America rather than the United States of America. This is the age-old Marxist creed of class conflict rather than community.

Second, DEI preaches blame.

It’s always someone else’s fault. DEI always looks out the window rather than in the mirror. It teaches everyone to point a finger rather than accept personal responsibility. DEI misspells t-e-a-m by inserting an “i.”

Third, DEI is racist

Pure and simple. It categorizes people by gender and skin color. It judges by appearance rather than character. It is the opposite of Martin Luther King’s dream. It is a Marxist nightmare. It is also the antithesis of the Judeo-Christian biblical worldview. It encourages the “eye to say to the hand; I have no need of you.” DEI cuts off its nose to spite its face.

Fourth, DEI disparages equality.

It says that “all men are not created equal.” According to DEI, talk of equal opportunity is just a plea for more White privilege. Equality is not the goal. A level playing field is not what this God demands. Instead, the strategy is to tilt the court so that someone has to run uphill the entire game.

Fifth, proponents of DEI don’t want competition.

Excellence is sacrificed for the average. For them, if no one wins, then there are no losers. It is adolescent and juvenile. It’s the ultimate participation trophy.

Sixth, DEI explicitly breaks one of the Ten Commandments:

“Thou shall not covet.” In the dystopian land of DEI, coveting is good rather than evil. Your piece of the pie is bigger than mine. I want yours. Give it to me.

Seventh, DEI doesn’t work.

By all measures, racial animus is on the rise in the United States. Why? When did the tide turn? Well, it all started with the fundamental change of identity politics brought to us by the Obama-Biden administration. And now, we’re just doubling down on dumb.

Bottom line, in the world of DEI, diversity means division, and equity is synonymous with blame.

But what of inclusion? Well, in the left’s lexicon, this word doesn’t mean what you think it means, either.

In the upside-down temple of Ms. Goodwin’s religion, inclusion means denial.

  • DEI denies science.
  • Denies reality.
  • Denies sanity.
  • Denies adulthood.
  • And it denies sin.

Feelings rather than facts drive this religion.

  • If I feel like a woman, I am.
  • If I feel like you’re a bigot, you are.
  • If I feel like the Earth is dying, it is.
  • If I feel like masks work, they do.
  • If I feel like you’re a fascist, then you are.
  • You triggered me.
  • You offended me.
  • You made me uncomfortable.
  • You need sensitivity training.
  • You should be excluded because you’re not inclusive.
  • You can’t be tolerated because of your intolerance.
  • You should be censored because your speech threatens free speech.

Inclusion denies logic. Inclusion denies common sense. It is the ultimate Orwellian spin. The Ministry of Inclusion has a long list of those who must be excluded because Big Brother said so.

Why are Republicans buying into this nonsense? The answer is simple. When you’ve sold your soul for political power, you’ll do just about anything to keep it, even if it means bowing to such foolishness and its false gods.

• Everett Piper (, @dreverettpiper), a columnist for The Washington Times, is a former university president and radio host.


Oklahoma Democratic state rep appears to condone worship of woke priorities: ‘DEI’ is ‘God’ (Fox News, 8 MAR 23)

Oklahoma state representative and Democrat Regina Goodwin is taking fire online after she appeared to call diversity, equity and inclusion “God” during a recorded meeting.

“That’s very disturbing, to say the least, when we have, again, a state superintendent who does not want to have anything to do with diversity, equity and inclusion,” Goodwin said during a March 2 meeting.

“DEI, is a deity, diversity, equity and inclusion is God,” she concluded.

State Rep. Goodwin was responding to a new bill that would allow Oklahoma parents to review the state’s curriculum for students through a database, according to local affiliate Fox 25 News. . . . . (read more)


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