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The Death of Affirmative Action

By Dave Kerber, USAFA ’72

In case you were preparing for the July 4th holiday weekend, were stuck in an airport and the TVs were broken, or were thankfully enjoying the summer by avoiding any news, the Supreme Court struck down the affirmative action practices of Harvard University and the University of North Carolina in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard and University of North Carolina.

While this was not unanticipated, it still stoked “shock”, “rage” and “disbelief” from the woke classes who believed it to be their unabated right to discriminate against Asian in favor of black and brown, and potentially self-identifying LGBTQIA+ members, to their hearts’ content without being answerable to anyone much less the U.S. Constitution or Title VI, or do I exaggerate?  Well maybe a little.

No, seriously, the left lost its collective mind with calls for impeachment of Supreme Court justices, packing the Court, and claims that the Court was illegitimate.

The President was asked by the press if this was a “rogue” court.  While Biden did not fall for that, he did opine that the Court was not “normal.”

To summarize the “rogue extreme views” of the six “far right-wing conservatives” who formed the majority of the Court— “you can’t discriminate against people because of their race”. That took 139 pages.

The three justices in the minority passionately retorted that “oh yes, you can”.  That took 98 pages.

I must advise that this column is not for the faint of heart or those who are only marginally interested.  It’s long.

This recent decision was not issued in a political or historical vacuum.

As those of you who have read these columns know, I try to get into how we got to this place in history and for this issue, we have been fighting over it for a very long time. . . .  (read the rest on The Kerb Appeal)

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Diversity is Not Our Strength

Ok, I’ve said it. I have uttered the unthinkable and up to now the unsayable. But hey, people have asked me (suspecting that I have an idea) why our Country and our people are so divided, and I would point to our current obsession with race and the focus that we have on our differences, our diversity.

“Diversity is Our Strength” has been the mantra of polite society in our educational and corporate institutions for some time now to justify what has become racist and sexist policies.

In the era of “words matter”, a starting place is to examine our language to determine what “diversity” really means and more importantly how it is applied.

The term “diversity” and its friends, “inclusion” and “equity”, by themselves appear noble and harmless.

However, we are beginning to understand that the term “diversity” as applied by the thousands of diversity and inclusion programs, officers, consultants and administrators actually results in favoring certain individuals and disadvantaging others based on race or sex.

Before we examine whether “Diversity is Our Strength” or as I refer to it as “nice” racism, is truly a strength and not a source of division, we should take a detour on who we are as a species. . . .

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