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The Bolsheviks Knew They Had To Target The Military – So Does Joe

By Sam Faddis, retired senior CIA Operations Officer

In 1917 in Russia, the Tsar abdicated. A provisional government was formed. The Bolsheviks were not yet in power.

As they prepared to seize power the Bolsheviks knew they had to gain control of the military and prevent it from working against them.

They began subversion of the army from within.

Troops sympathetic to their cause began to be encouraged to wear red ribbons on their uniforms to show where they stood ideologically.

Today’s Marxists in this radical regime understand the same principles.

They are hard at work transforming and neutering the American military and bending it to their will.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, a former Clinton intern, gave a wide-ranging interview recently in which she spoke expansively of the plans of the Biden administration to overhaul our military and alter its composition.

Depending too much on military families could create a “warrior caste,” Wormuth said. She wants to pull people into uniform who have no connection to military service.

The Army is strategically deploying recruiters to communities across the country based on demographics, ethnicity, race, and gender,” Wormuth said in a written statement.

In pursuit of the new ideological goals the military now has REDCAT quotas. REDCAT stands for Racial Ethnic Designation Category and was created to track conformity with identity politics.

The Army has quota goals and is pushing to bring its REDCAT numbers into line with what the ideologues in charge have decreed.

We aren’t looking for the best peopleWe are looking for the right people in the sense of those who conform to the vision of the powers that be.

To that end, active-duty personnel are compelled to provide information on things like their ethnic background.

A recent message from the United States Army Special Operations Command urged soldiers to “select the ethnic group code that includes the most accurate description of ethnic background or combination of ethnicities in their ethnic background.” . . . . (read the rest on AND Magazine)

“What we are witnessing is not sloppy thinking or weak leadership. What we are witnessing is a deliberate effort to fundamentally alter the nature of the U.S. military. The world’s greatest meritocracy is under assault by those who would reshape our armed services into expressly revolutionary entities intent on the remaking of our society and the destruction of the republic.  None of this is by accident. None of this is unintentional. The Bolsheviks knew they had to target the military. So do Joe and his comrades.”—Sam Faddis

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