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The latest STARRS update is provided below.

STARRS video series:

Episode 11 of the Intellectuals is now available at the link below.

Executive Vice President of STARRS, Dr. Ron Scott, Col, USAF (ret) interviews LTC Darin Gaub, USA (ret) of Restore

LTC Guab is Executive Director and co-Founder of Restore Liberty and in this interview he explains the mission and methods of Restore Liberty to return the United States to its founding Constitutional values.

He also shares the story of a highly decorated active-duty aviator who he previously supervised and who is now being persecuted by his chain of command in the Army. This Army aviator tried to work within the Army system to air his grievances with the Inspector General, but his complaints have been dismissed or ignored. He has had to pay thousands out of pocket in legal expenses to defend himself.

The egregious conduct by members of the United States Army is possibly illegal, certainly unfair, and disgraceful conduct by those responsible towards a highly decorated combat pilot with an impeccable Army record.

STARRS leaders participate in protest outside of the United States Air Force Academy:

Organized by USAFA graduate and Navy veteran Dr. Gordon Klingenschmitt of Pray in Jesus Name, the protest drew local press coverage and highlighted the broken promise of USAFA Superintendent Lt Gen Richard Clark to protect the religious freedom rights of cadets.

In answer to a question in a public forum last year General Clark promised to fight for the religious freedom of cadets. Recently, he signed papers to start the process to discipline 4 senior cadets who had applied for religious exemptions to the vaccine thus breaking his promise to protect their rights.

Lt Gen Rod Bishop, President and CEO and other officials of STARRS participated in the protest.

STARRS Officials make multiple media appearances to object to the Air Force’s COVID vaccine mandate. Religious Freedom Undermined! Several Courts Intervene.

Lt Gen Rod Bishop, Dr. Ron Scott, and General Counsel Mike Rose have made a number of media appearances to highlight to the plight of USAFA cadets and many others with religious conscience objections to the Covid vaccine. For links to all of the media interviews on the vax mandate and undue pressure put on the cadets at USAFA follow the link below.

The pressure STARRS and others have been putting on USAFA has resulted in a minor success in that the cadets who were not going to graduate were allowed to graduate but were denied commissioning, something they worked so hard to achieve over a period of four years.

Pressure is mounting on the Air Force and the other services as more is coming to light concerning the potential dangers of the vaccine, its ineffectiveness against the current strain, how natural immunity is so much stronger than that provided by the vax, and how small the risk of Covid is to military age personnel.

Also now public is the charade the USAF displayed in accepting applications for religious exemptions knowing full well that the Secretary of the Air Force had already made it policy that all such applications would be disapproved. Out of ~4000 applications for religious exemption only 23 have been approved and all 23 were for service members who were scheduled for near term discharge anyway.

Incredibly, hid from the public was the fact that all the while the AF was claiming force protection as the reason for denying religious exemption requests, it was secretly continuing to deploy pilots all over the world who refused the vaccine on conscience and medical grounds. More details are covered in an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette. See the article at the following link.

Also, the legality of the military mandate becomes more problematic with each passing day. For example, a U. S. Navy Discharge Board has found in a 3-0 non-appealable decision that the Navy’s attempt to force a Navy LT to take the Covid vaccine was problematic due their being uncertain the order to take the vaccine was lawful. See the article at the link for more details on this case.

• Donations are being accepted to a special litigation fund to assist those who genuinely desire to patriotically continue to serve the nation but object to the vaccine on religious or other grounds. To donate to this worthy cause, please go the link below.

Article by STARRS President and CEO Lt Gen Rod Bishop featured in Colorado Gazette:

” In a stinging rebuke of Academy officials and Air Force policy, General Bishop offers reminders of the values the Academy was founded on…integrity, morality and freedom. He points out those strengths seem to be in short supply these days as everyone is forced to surrender their personal freedom principles or else,” according to STARRS officials. To read the article follow the link below.

For access to all the additional information covered in this press release visit: STARRS

+1 719-651-5943


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