STARRS: The First Year

The leaders and members of STARRS have already taken numerous actions to learn about specific examples of the infiltration of CRT and other neo-Marxist ideologies into our military organizations and to understand how they are impacting service members, unit morale and effectiveness.

A major part of our efforts to learn what is going on is submitting Freedom Of Information Act requests. Between 4 Aug 20 and 12 Oct 21, 18 requests have been submitted to USAFA, USMA, USNA, and SECDEF. Two responses have been received, but neither actually answered the questions asked. Our team is working on pushing back to get more appropriate and complete answers. We are also preparing to submit new FOIA requests in the near future.

As we gather information, our members have worked to sound the alarm to military and congressional leaders, as well as the general public, through over 60 interviews on TV, radio, podcasts, and on-line shows; presentations to community groups; and by publishing articles on various platforms.

Articles Published by STARRS Members:

A. Dr. Scott Sturman, STARRS Board of Advisors:

1.  “Part 1: Can the Academy Survive?” 

2.  “Part 2: Is Attrition a Good Thing?” 

3.  “Part 3: No “I” in Honor Code”

4.  “Herbert Marcuse – A Solution Looking for a Problem

5.  Gulag Archipelago Book Review 

6.  American Marxism Book Review 

7.  CRT by Richard Delgado Book Review

B. Brent Ramsey, STARRS Director At Large:

1.  A detailed analysis of the Navy’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion with its Task Force One Navy.  Poses questions about the validity of the Navy’s focus on social justice instead of its core mission.  Includes findings from a Congressional investigation that highlights Navy readiness deficiencies partly due to excessive focus on diversity.

Part I – Navy Update – Task Force One Navy And Congressional Report On The Surface Navy – CD Media (

Part 2 – Navy Update – Task Force One Navy And Congressional Report On The Surface Navy – CD Media (

Part 3 – Navy Update – Task Force One Navy And Congressional Report On The Surface Navy – CD Media (

2.  Highlighting DOD activities in the recent past that focus on the dubious quest to find extremists in the ranks. Among other things, the article lays bare the distractions taken up by the Defense Department and the services that detract from readiness, a readiness decline that is starkly noted by GAO in a recent report.

What Are DoD’s Priorities? | RealClearDefense

3.  DOD is studying the issue of renaming military bases named for Confederate military figures such as General Robert E. Lee. Citing historical references about our founding the author presents a convincing case that to rename bases would ignore history and be another example of cancel culture madness driving decisions instead of reflection and reason.

Renaming Military Bases Ignores History – CD Media (

4. An examination of the need for a strong Navy and contrasting examples of how we choose to spend our funding instead.  This article highlights the need for a strong Navy which is hamstrung by our nation’s priorities for social spending instead of recognizing the existential and looming threat from China.

The Price of U. S. Navy Combat Supremacy

5. These articles examine DOD’s improper suspension of the Academy Boards of Visitors.  Without proper authority SECDEF suspended all three BOV’s and prevented them from performing their statutory duties in support of the welfare of the students at those critical institutions.

Politics And The Academy Boards of Visitors – CD Media (

The Price of U.S. Navy Combat Supremacy (

6. The Looming Taiwan Challenge

C. Jane Hampton Cook, STARRS Board of Advisors

1. Changing the nation’s birth date is one of the fallacies of the 1619 Project, which is being implemented in hundreds of schools as a partner with critical race theory. This article documents the name change that Americans experienced on July 4, 1776, and why it is rightfully the nation’s birth date.

Was The United States Truly Born on the Fourth of July?

2. One way to celebrate independence and counter CRT is to discover how the Declaration of Independence gave birth to our greatest civil rights movements.

How The Declaration of Independence Birthed Our Greatest Civil Rights Movements

3. Why did the first Independence parade and fireworks show take place in May 1776 and not July 1776?

4. Why the U.S. Flag Is for Every American and Not Racist

5. How did Betsy Ross Become the First Flagmaker?

6. Memorial Day 2021 – Fighting Unrestricted Warfare

7. Remembering Those Who Died in the American Revolution

8. How Ben Franklin fought cancel culture in his own time and gave us the principles of freedom of the press and speech

Cancel Culture and Ben Franklin

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