STARRS SITREP Newsletter, Edition 28

Read the August 2023 edition of STARRS SITREP newsletter with articles by STARRS members.

STARRS SITREP Newsletter August 2023 (pdf)

In this issue:

  • Update from the STARRS President
  • Service Academy Superintendents Testify to Congress
  • Meritocracy Campaign Update
  • Law Activities of STARRS and STARRS Affiliated Attorneys
  • Supreme Court Decides SFFA v. Harvard/UNC
  • West Point Graduates Form The MacArthur Society
  • Marxism (or Neo-Marxism) in America
  • The USAA’s Embrace of Wokeness is a Betrayal of its Military Members
  • STARRS Takes a Stand Against DoD Funding to Enable Non-Covered Medical Procedures
  • The Woke Academies: Boots on the Ground Perspectives (comments submitted to STARRS by cadets and service members)
  • BOOK REVIEW: “Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines” – Commander Robert A. Green Jr’s Courageous Book Exposes the Department of Defense’s Treachery During the COVID Crisis
  • BOOK REVIEW: “When Race Trumps Merit: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives”

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