STARRS Gathering In Colorado Springs Honors Our Veterans, Focuses on “Orbit Shot”

By Patti Stuart, USAFA ‘87
Member STARRS Board of Directors

On 11 November, 2021 at an Irish Pub in Colorado Springs, a number of STARRS members and supporters came together in a festive atmosphere to break bread, to hear some motivational words and to express gratitude to those Americans who have served in our Armed Forces.

Because the purpose of STARRS is to keep the Services free from indoctrination from racism and Marxist ideology, we chose Veteran’s Day week to focus our “Orbit Shot.”

The get-together was very upbeat, since we were all happy to hear our application for our 501(c)3 status had recently been approved.  BG Chris Petty,USA (Ret), emcee’d the event which began with a Veterans Appreciation video made by a local school.

The group then listened to a rousing speech by Derrick Wilburn founder and Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives on American Exceptionalism and why an oppressor/oppressed philosophy is dangerous to our military, schools and society.

Lt Gen Bishop followed with a short talk on why STARRS was founded, using the example of the book by an avowed radical activist being given to each Air Force Academy cadet to illustrate the woke indoctrination happening there.

Another video was shown of the three women who resigned from West Point, after finding the school no longer focused on war-fighting but on vaccines and a “woke” agenda.

Lastly, Dr. Ron Scott and Gen Bishop led the military members in renewing their oath of office, reminding us that defending the Constitution may be more important now than it has been in years.

To witness the event in action click on these videos.

Speaker Chris Petty:

Speaker Derrick Wilburn:

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