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Senator demands clarity on Pentagon’s drag show policy

(Press Release) U.S. Senator Steve Daines sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin demanding answers on the Pentagon’s policy pertaining to drag shows on military bases.

“On March 31, 2023, I wrote your office because I was alarmed to find out a ‘Drag Story Hour’ for children was held on Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana…’

“There was no indication in your department’s [response] that the Pentagon disapproves of such activity. In fact, the letter could be construed as an endorsement of such action.

“This further alarmed me and is the reason I sent a response asking for clarification and also introduced legislation to stop the DoD from using taxpayer funds or taxpayer-funded facilities from hosting drag queen performances…

“However, according to press reports on May 30, 2023, a drag show hosted at Nellis Air Force base was canceled due to pressure from Defense Department leadership,” Daines’ letter reads.

“The U.S. military’s active engagement in, and support for, divisive political and ideologically-driven issues weakens cohesion and morale and further degrades the recruitment and retention of the men and women serving our country in uniform. In doing so, these policies undermine the core mission of our military and constitute poor judgment by supportive military leaders,” Daines’ letter continues.

See the full letter Daines sent Pentagon leadership HERE.

Since the “Drag Story Time” that took place on Malmstrom Air Force Base was recently uncovered, Daines has led the fight to get answers and hold the administration accountable.

In March, Daines led Congressmen Ryan Zinke (MT-01) and Matt Rosendale (MT-02) in sending a letter to Pentagon leadership demanding answers on how and why this event took place.

Daines also sent a follow up letter to the Pentagon today since initial explanations from the Defense Department were completely inadequate. Read Daines’ letter HERE.

Read more about Daines’ bill to stop the Department of Defense from using taxpayer funds or taxpayer-funded facilities from hosting drag queen performances HERE.

Daines wrote an op-ed highlighting the woke policies, including hosting drag shows, that are weakening the military.

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  • Followed this subject for 2-3 years thanks to STARRS. It has impacted my family greatly with my G’daughter failing to get into the Air Force after 4 years as a very successful Aggie Corps Cadet (TX A&M). Her long time dream was to fly C-130s following in the footsteps of her G’Dad. She refused to take the COVID shot(s) for valid health reasons as many have attested/done. Although she was cleared of a previous/minor childhood health issue at the highest medical levels, she was refused an AF Commission and pilot slot for no factual reason even though cleared medically. The Services are now crying for pilots and even new candidates for most jobs, even after the change in COVID policy. Potential and highly successful students are now seeing the writing on the wall and moving to and focusing on other careers. Law enforcement was the answer for her. There, she may have an opportunity to fly. Why fight the establishment just like many others have done and lost. Too bad for the woke establishment losing highly qualified candidates.

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