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New Book Shows Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are the New Face of Communism

Ten years ago, claiming the United States was experiencing a cultural revolution would have met eyerolls and jeers. Now, it’s even obvious to normies. Perhaps no journalist has covered the rising iceberg tips of this phenomenon better than Christopher F. Rufo, a City Journal contributing editor and documentary filmmaker.

In America’s Cultural Revolution, out in July, Rufo connects the seemingly sudden wave of leftist extremism in the United States with its antecedents in Marxist philosophy and practice.

He shows that today’s mass, often-silent censorship of public discourse combined with riots and antipathy toward police and prisons are not random accidents, but part of a cohesive political program concocted decades ago by successful communist true believers.

This is an important thing to demonstrate because comforting slogans have lulled many Americans, including many on the political right, into willful blindness to the mass infiltration of our own institutions by communist ideology and adherents.

These include: “Fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here,” “the Cold War is over,” and “Communism’s main threat to the United States is from potential military action from Red China.”

Many politicians, especially on the right, bluster about protecting the United States from Red China, both militarily and economically.

Most of those same politicians are entirely silent about communist infiltration into U.S. institutions as everyday and deeply influential as public schools and workplaces.

There’s no way, for example, the majority of current Senate Republicans would support defunding Marxist outposts far more threatening to the United States than China’s soft-power Confucious Institutes: diversity, equity, and inclusion bureaucracies, including in higher education.

As the Supreme Court noted in Bostock v. Clayton County, more than 100 federal laws are now being used as excuses to foist Marxist-driven DEI policies into every corner of American society.

It’s impossible to know whether most lawmakers who could end this subversion of American freedoms are complicit or stooges.

Considering that, as Rufo shows, cultural Marxists believe in their intellectual father Herbert Marcuse’s policy of repressing not just speech but even thoughts that oppose their ideology, perhaps instead the issue is that their minds are captive to America’s enemies.

Regardless, voters and those they elect can no longer ignore the proof of this mass subversion that Rufo’s book puts into the public eye.

The truth is, the Cold War abroad may have ended, but our own cold war continues and accelerates.

The United States is indeed engaged in an internal struggle.

Anyone who denies that is, quite simply, accidentally or willingly working for the enemy. . . . . (read the rest of the book review on The Federalist)

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